Getting Help With the Paperwork

How to Get Help With the Contracts & Paperwork

Are you scared to death of filling out contracts?
Not sure what to put where?
Or maybe you just want to make sure you’re doing it correctly?

Hey, it’s ok… We’ve all been there!

And that’s why I’m here – to help you out and make sure you’re filling things out correctly.
Because if you don’t, you’ll go to jail, someone will come in the night & burn your house down, and the boogeyman will personally come get you!  Just kidding! But seriously…

Here’s how to collaborate with me on your contracts:

  1. Log in to your Gmail/Google Account. (You should have one by now. It’s required)
  2. If you’re logged into this site, go to the ‘Contracts‘ page. (Click that link)
  3. Scroll down and click on the last link that’s above the ‘Selling’ contracts part.
    Or if you’re lazy, just CLICK HERE.
  4. That will open up your Google Drive in a new tab.
  5. RIGHT-CLICK on the LAST link there – the one titled “Purchase & Sale Agreement-Fixed-Google Doc.doc”
  6. IMPORTANT: Click ‘Make a Copy’ (You won’t be able to make edits unless you do this)
  7. Now RIGHT-CLICK on the Copy you just made (It will now be titled “Copy of Purchase & Sale Agreement-Fixed-Google Doc.doc”)
  8. Click on ‘Rename’
  9. Change it to: “YOUR NAME-Address-SPASA” (Example: “Tom Jones-1234 Main St-SPASA”)
  10. Now RIGHT-CLICK and click on ‘Share’
  11. Under ‘People’, type in my email address: [email protected], then click ‘Done’
  12. CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now able to share any & all edits and changes made on this contract with me – in REAL TIME!!

Here’s What to do Now: 

  1. While in Google Drive, double-click on the file you just made & shared.
  2. Start typing in the details of your deal in the contract to the best of your ability.
    TIP: Look for the BLANKS in the contract. Highlight the line, then type in what you want to put there. I personally like to make that text bold. (Shortcut for that – highlight the text, then either click Ctrl-B or click the B in the text editor). Optionally, you can underline that text as well by highlighting the text, then either clicking Ctrl-U or clicking the U in the text editor.
  3. IMPORTANT: After you’ve filled out the contract as well as you can, SEND ME AN EMAIL to let me know you’ve done this AND ask me any questions you have. [email protected]
  4. I’ll take a look at your contract as you’ve prepared it, and I’ll either make the changes/edits myself or let you know what else needs to be done.
  5. When the contract is all completed & looks good, you’ll simply PRINT IT OUT (2 copies) and take it with you to present to the seller. For the times you’ll send it to the seller via email, you’ll print it out as a pdf file & attach it to the email you send.

Hope that all makes sense.

Listen, I know that all of this might seem difficult (for some more than others), but this is the BEST way I’ve found to collaborate on contracts with my students.  The old way: You download, print out, and write everything on the contract, then scan or take a picture & email to me.  Who has time for all that?

Doing it this way is only hard to do it the first time… Like most things in business (or life).

Thanks for your cooperation. Let’s Make It Happen!! 

UPDATE! Due to the fact that many people seem to be challenged by this whole Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets thing, I’ve found a couple very good video tutorials I think will help…

  1. Google DRIVE Tutorial:
  2. How to Use Google SHEETS and DOCS:

Reminder:  Under ‘People’, type in my email address: [email protected], then click ‘Done’