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Is there a Crash Coming? Latest Market News – December 2018

    Don’t Call Me “Chicken Little.” Not just yet. But maybe soon…

    In this Article/Post, I’m going to do something a little…different. I hope you like it.
In order to bring you as much value as I can, I’d like to share a few thoughts, observations, and instincts about what’s going on out there in the ‘real world,’ and how it relates to YOU.
Specifically, how YOU can potentially PROFIT and BENEFIT from what’s going on out there – EARLIER and easier than 99% of the general sleepwalking public.

    Is That OK With You? 🙂      Great…Let’s Get TO it!

    Listen, I’m starting to see some serious signs that the real estate market is beginning to COOL OFF.
New home sales are slowing way down. Existing homes sales are down. Inventory is starting to pick back up a bit in many markets across the country.
In addition to that, have you seen the stock market lately? What about the cryptocurrency markets?? At the time I’m writing this,

They’re all CRASHING!!

    Something you might not know about me is that I personally LOVE cryptocurrency, and have been investing heavily in it for some time now.
It’s made me a lot of $$. At the time I’m writing this, the prices we’re able to buy at are the lowest I’ve seen in a long time.
And you know what that means: Opportunity!  When it comes to investing, we must live by the 4-word axiom: Buy low, Sell high.

    If you know anything about Blockchain technology and what it represents to our future, you’ll naturally recognize the incredible opportunity we’re facing RIGHT NOW.  I’ve been continuing to buy as the prices have been falling. Yes, I’ll admit that my sphincter has puckered up every single time, but I’m still doing it.
    Of course, I’m NOT giving you any financial advice here. But if you want to see something truly interesting, just take a look at the cryptocurrency markets when you have the chance. Here’s a great place to get started.

    As far as real estate goes, GET READY.
Why do I say that? Because if things continue the way they’re going right now (down), and we start to see another housing crash soon (which I believe we just might), guess what?

    All those sellers that you’re talking to now that say they only want full price, all cash??
Yeah, you should start to see more people become flexible for how they sell their house as their motivation increases when the prices continue declining and the typical buyers become more and more picky.

    Please understand that I’m not a typical bean-counting research kinda guy.
In fact, when I was in school, I hated to do research! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had to go to the library and start digging through those index card files and reference things using the Dewey Decimal System! Remember that? If you’re older than 40, you probably do. If you’re younger than than and only know the internet, you’re spoiled and don’t even realize how good & easy you have it now. 🙂

    For that & many other reasons, I invite & encourage you to do your own research, if you like. Take a look at these charts & reports to get a good start…

New Home Sales:

Existing Home Sales:

    Do you remember the great real estate crash & worldwide market recession of 2007 & 2008?
Yeah, me too. In fact, I still remember it like it was yesterday. NOT a pleasant memory, is it?

Like many investors, it pretty much knocked me out of the game. For a few years!
For me, it was ok, because it truly humbled me & helped me become a better man and a better father. 

    But as they say, “Live & Learn.” And I tell you one thing:
If I could go BACK in time, I would have done things TOTALLY different than I did then!
First off, instead of shying away from the game, I would have run towards it.  
There was blood in the streets. People were in desperate situations and too many people lost their homes.
At the end of the day, the big banks were the only ones still standing, the bastards.

    Looking back, I would have bought MORE houses. Taken over debt. Utilize creative real estate techniques.
In short, DO this business the way we know how.

People will ALWAYS need a place to live, and you can always rent houses out to make that cash flow until the prices come back up enough for you to sell!

    By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, I TOTALLY recommend you watch the movie “The Big Short.”
This will give you some great perspective on things. Have you already seen it? Watch it again!

    A great question I occasionally like to ask myself & others is this:
“Knowing what I/you know now, what would I/you do DIFFERENTLY if you faced that same situation again today?”

    What would YOU do differently if you saw another upcoming housing market crash?
Would you do like most people today & just get out of real estate altogether?
Or would you see the incredible OPPORTUNITY that a crisis can represent?

    I don’t mean to sound like a cold-hearted bastard here, but remember this:
“Opportunity doesn’t ever go AWAY. It just goes to someone ELSE (if you don’t take it).”

    As Warren Buffet said, “When the market is greedy, be fearful. When the market is fearful, be greedy.”

    That means that IF the market does crash soon, there will be opportunities out there for you. Things will change. You’ve just got to be READY for them when they come.

Which now begs the question: HOW should you prepare yourself for this possibility?

    Abraham Lincoln said it best, “LUCK is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

    Dirty Harry asked this great question, “Do ya feel lucky, Punk?”  Forgive my wacky sense of humor here.

    But seriously… If you want to get LUCKY, you’ve got to get yourself PREPARED and put yourself in a POSITION to benefit from what just might be happening and what might be coming soon.

    HOW? By continuing to LEARN and APPLY these creative real estate tactics. Get GOOD and READY to utilize Subject-to investing techniques. Sharpen your ax of knowledge on HOW to construct and present Owner Financing and Lease Purchase Deals!

    In other words, KEEP doing what you’re doing. Just do MORE of it. 

    That means – keep talking with sellers. Talk to at least 5 new people a day.
The TRUTH: MOST of them will say ‘No’ the first time they talk to you. That’s just how it is.

    So FOLLOW the F*** UP! Don’t just let ’em slide. Don’t just take their word for it. If it’s not a good fit for them for now, call them back later to see if they’ve sold their house yet. And when you do, just use my killer “Prepare to Follow-Up” Script (I just made that name up, but I kinda like it!):

    “Mr. Seller, it sounds like this might not be a good fit for us at this time, because you say that you only want full price, all cash, but I tell you what…
I’ve enjoyed talking with you today!” (if that’s true) “Why don’t I send you some more information so that you can get a better idea of what we’re able to do for you, and we can talk again in 2-3 weeks! How’s that sound?” 

    When they say yes, just get their email address & send them something to read that introduces you and gives them a few offers for their consideration!

    Need help making offers? Use my incredibly powerful & easy-to-use Fast Offer Generator!  (please pardon the plug!)

    Then set an appointment to follow up with them at a designated date & time. 

    Trust me (and all of us who are having success buying houses & doing deals) when I tell you that…

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

    If you simply do this consistently, and keep track of the results you’re getting, I can practically guarantee you the following results:

  • You’ll get BETTER at this…FAST!
  • You’ll gain more CONFIDENCE.
  • You’ll have a pipeline FULL of leads and deals.
  • You’ll do DEALS. And then you’ll do MORE deals.
  • You’ll start to notice that MORE people WANT to do business with you.
  • People will start talking about you & your reputation will grow. (hopefully in a good way lol)
  • Leads and Deals will start to come TO you, rather than you having to chase them.
  • You’ll be READY if/when the market crashes, and…
  • You’ll be ready if/when the market doesn’t crash!
  • You’ll have MORE disposable income. 

    WARNING: Side effects may include, but not be limited to: You might just get to be a shrewd mofo & become more of a successful asshole (like me!).  🙂

    In wrapping this up, I’d just like to say this disclaimer:
I don’t know if the market will crash or not. Shoot, no one does. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.
As always, time will tell.

    But I DO know this: I’d MUCH rather be prepared & ready than NOT be ready if and when it DOES crash.

    Wouldn’t you agree?  😉

    Oh, and if the market does crash, don’t blame Trump. It will NOT really be his fault, despite what the horrible, lying, corrupt, and disgusting mainstream media will no-doubt claim. The truth is that it will be the fault of the ones who always cause the suffering of mankind: The international banking cartels, and the so-called globalist ruling ‘elite’ who guide them.
But that’s a conversation for another day. 

    And finally – think about buying some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency NOW, while it’s still on SALE, if you can. When the prices go way up (which they hopefully, probably will within the next few months), sell it off and make your money! Then rinse & repeat. (Disclaimer: A good rule of thumb is to only invest what you can afford to lose, so if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck & barely getting by, this might not be for you right now. But if you’re in a position to do so, now would be a great time).

    Thanks for reading this special report. I hope you’ve gotten a lot out of it, and I hope it’s stimulated you to think about things a bit more. As always, I genuinely and truly encourage you to do what most other people don’t do: THINK for yourself! Stay awake while all around you are sleeping. And be prepared for the multitude of opportunities you encounter every day.

    Until Next Time, I remain…

    Your Humble Mentor,

Tony Pearl

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  • December 8, 2018

Today’s Tip – the Powerful “Choice of Two” Close

For Today’s Tip, you’re going to learn a really simple yet powerful strategy for influencing people.

    Used correctly, this ‘secret strategy’ will help you set more appointments, get faster decisions out of people, and avoid a ton of frustration & headaches…while keeping things moving in your life and business.

Ready? Let’s Go…

    If you’ve ever done anything in sales, you’ll probably recognize this technique. It’s called the “Choice of Two” close.
You can use this in just about any situation where you need someone to make a decision for everyone’s benefit.

It basically works like this:

You simply give your prospect a choice of two options to choose from for making a decision.

For example, let’s say that you’re ready to make an appointment to go meet a seller at the house they’re selling…



    Most people usually like to ask something like “When can we meet?” 
But if you do that, there’s no telling what kind of reply you’ll get.
They might just say something like, “Oooohhhh… I don’t know… when’s good for you?” or “Next week.”
And that’s just very, very WEAK!!

    A MUCH better way to handle it would be like this:
“Mr. Seller, let’s go ahead & set up a time when I can come out to the house, meet with you, take a look around, and get things worked out between us so that I can buy your house!
Now, today is Monday…I can either come out later today, or would tomorrow be better for you?”

    Do you see how professional, authoritative, and still respectful that is? 
You’re taking charge of the situation, yet still helping them to feel like it’s their decision to make!
From a psychological standpoint, this is HUGE.

    The next part of this is to continue doing it until you have something definite nailed down.

    Continuing this example, let’s say the prospect replied with “Tomorrow would be fine.”

    Then you would say, “Great! Now, would your prefer to meet in the morning or the afternoon?
They say, “Afternoon sounds better”
You say, “No problem. I have either 2:00 or 5:00. Which fits your schedule?”
They say, “I think 5:00 is good.”
You say, “Perfect! I’ll be there by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon, ok?”
They say, “Ok!”

    And you have an appointment set.

    As I mentioned, this is very simple…yet powerful. 

    Another beautiful aspect of this technique is that it establishes YOU as the authority, and that raises your status in the interaction.
Something very important to know is that in sales, status is everything! If you have low status, you’re not going to sell anything. You’re just not going to have any success at all, because people will be looking down on you – sometimes with pity. If you’re coming across as begging or supplicating in any way, you’re done before you’ve even begun!

    So you’ve got to be the professional. You’ve got to take control of the situation and guide people through the process.

    Even when you don’t really know what you’re doing. Yes, you may have to “fake it ’till you make it” for a little while!
But guess what? The more you do that, the more something truly interesting happens…
Your confidence will grow. You’ll feel better about yourself. And more people will treat you with the respect you deserve.
So it won’t be long before you don’t have to ‘fake it’ anymore!

    Sound Good?

    Excellent! Let’s continue with another example…

    Imagine that you’re talking with a seller about which way you can do business – either rent with a lease purchase or buy with owner financing
They’ve been going on a while about this or that, and you feel like they’re about to just give up because they’re so confused.

    So you can ask them a choice of two close question, such as this…
“Mr. Seller, let me ask you something. Would you rather I rent your house out from you or just buy it?”
Many times, they’ll come back with, “Well, I’d rather just sell it!”
So you’d reply with, “Great, because I’d rather buy it!” Then you continue the discussion based on buying with owner financing, and go from there.

Another Powerful Benefit

    Another very important and powerful reason why this works so well is this:
The more you give them a simple choice of two to choose from, they’ll be so focused on making a choice, they’ll totally lose sight of the fact that they don’t have to choose either one of them in the first place! They’ll often fail to realize that one of their choices is to not do business at all…because that choice is not on the menu!

    Want an example of how to use this in your personal life? Ok, I’ve got you covered.

    Let’s say you want to take your spouse, child, or even a friend out for dinner. Most people might ask something like, “What do you feel like eating for dinner tonight?”
How often does someone actually come back with a prepared response? VERY rarely, right?
So then what happens? They’ll say, “Oh, I don’t care. What do you want?”
And away we go…and not in a good way!

    So rather than do that, why not just take control of the situation by asking this instead:
“Hey, would you like Chinese or Italian for dinner tonight?”

    Your dinner companion will usually either pick one of those or possibly propose something different…which is fine, because you avoided the dance of indecision.
And you won’t go hungry. 🙂

More Examples of WHEN To Use This Strategy

    Here’s a few more examples of when you can offer a choice of two options:

  • Making Appointments (Ex: Earlier in the week or later in the week?)
  • Making Offers (Ex: Close now or later?)
  • Choosing Which Method to Use (Ex: Lease Purchase or Owner Financing?)
  • Anytime You Name Options and Need a Decision (This one or that one?)
  • Getting Your Kids to Do Their Chores (Good luck!)
  • Helping a Buyer Reach a Decision on What to Do (Ex. Keep throwing your money away on rent or rent to OWN?)
  • Asking a Potential Private Lender if They Would Prefer Interest Accruing or Monthly Payments
  • Making ANY Decision Where There’s Only a Handful of Options Remaining


    As you can see, the “Either…or” concept or language pattern is such a great and simple strategy to use for so many things. You’re only truly limited by your imagination.

    So this concludes Today’s Tip! What did you think about this? Can you see yourself using this simple strategy for both business and your personal life? Can you see how this will help you avoid indecision on the part of other people, and help keep things moving forward a lot easier?  

    I can tell you from personal experience that this WORKS. Not only that, but it’s FUN!
So now it’s YOUR turn. Give this a go & let me know your success.

    Last Tip: Practice and USE this EVERY DAY, and you’ll be an extremely effective (and pleasant) persuader & influencer!

    In closing, let me ask you a question: Since you ARE going to use this strategy, would you rather start practicing TODAY… or would TOMORROW be better for you?  😉


Until Next Time,

Tony Pearl


All Rights Reserved | Copyright 2018 Tony Pearl |

  • November 14, 2018

If You’re Not Doing THIS, You’re Not Making Money!

“If You’re Not Doing THIS, You’re Not Making Money,”
by Tony Pearl

    I was just a new, wanna-be real estate investor the first time I heard the expression that would change everything for me.

    It was at a real estate education event (aka a “Bootcamp”) in Florida many years ago, when the teacher uttered those prophetic words that still ring in my head to this very day…

“If You Ain’t Making Enough OFFERS, You Ain’t Making Any MONEY!”

    At first, I was taken aback. What did he mean, “make enough offers?”
I also distinctly remember wondering: “What exactly IS an offer, and HOW do you make one?”  God, I was SO new, and obviously didn’t have a clue!

    I remember thinking that an offer was basically a contract, which you wrote up when you went out to the seller’s house, sat down with them, and negotiated a contract together…which is what I started doing as soon as I could. That led to me buying many, many houses, and doing a lot of deals. But there was always something bothering me in the back of my mind…

    One day, I realized something important while I was working HARD going out to these sellers’ houses and making these offers. I realized that there were still a LOT of people that I talked to who indicated that they might be interested in selling their house to me in the way I was trying to describe to them, but why don’t I just ‘send them some information’ so they can fully understand what I was able to do for them. In other words, they were curious but not motivated enough to meet.

And that’s when it hit me like a slap on the face on a cold day in January!

    What I was doing with those sellers was the same thing that I believe most investors do with them: NOTHING! There was very little follow up done, because I often believed that it just wasn’t worth it to follow up. But boy, was I wrong!

    I figured that if these people wanted something to read, why don’t I just give it to them? Since I had nothing to lose, I just started… MAKING OFFERS to these seemingly unmotivated people, just to see what would happen.

    I love marketing. And one of the BIGGEST, time-tested concepts in marketing is the TEST. So I decided to do a little test. I hypothesized that if I just made a couple offers to the next 10 sellers I talked to who weren’t ready at the time that I’d be able to at least talk with them at a higher level when I followed up later.

What Happened As A Result Shocked Me…

    I couldn’t believe it! Several of the sellers who initially told me that they weren’t interested, couldn’t understand, or weren’t flexible – started calling me back! And the ones that didn’t call me back were a LOT easier to talk to when I called them back to follow up.

    I found that many of these people were more curious and open to talking about HOW this worked and which offer might be best for them. In other words, it was like getting another turn at bat, to use a baseball analogy. It gave me another chance to talk to them about how we could do business together!

    This strategy also raised my conversion rate considerably, which allowed me to do more deals and make more money. Do you think it would work for you, too?

    As creative real estate investors, it’s important to recognize that what we DO for people is quite ‘different’ than the normal way things are usually done. If someone that we’re talking to is confused or just doesn’t understand the benefits of our various programs (which is more often the case than not), we can either dismiss them as not being “Low-Hanging Fruit,” or find a way to inform and educate them a little bit about how we work and what we can do for them. Only then can they truly make an informed decision.

    So part of making offers is educating the sellers/prospects. And when a seller has a legitimate offer in hand, it gives them something “tangible” to read and evaluate.  You see, we all have 3 prime ways that we learn: Seeing, hearing, and feeling. If all we do is talk to someone on the phone, they’re essentially only hearing what we’re saying, while at the same time getting a ‘feeling’ of everything. But when we put an offer in their hand, it also gives them something to see & read. This solidifies their learning and comprehension, because it incorporates all 3 learning modalities. It also gives them more reason to talk with us.

    Not only that, but VERY few people are using this strategy. Most people are scared and lazy. They feel like if the person to whom they’re talking isn’t ready that very first time they talk to them, they’ll never do business together…and that’s just ridiculous.

If All You’re Trying to Eat is The Low-Hanging Fruit, You’re Gonna Starve!
Especially When it’s a Seller’s Market.


The Fortune Is In The Follow-Up

    We all know (and statistics show) that MOST of the business we do comes after communicating with with our prospects in some way more than 7-8 times.

    So how does this benefit YOU, and what can you DO about this?  Well, I believe that the answer is quite simple: Make More Offers! Make offers, even when they say they’re not interested. Make offers when they tell you to ‘send them some more information.’ Make offers when they’re confused. Make offers when you’re confused!  Just Make…More…Offers…to more sellers…more often!

    This now begs the next question: HOW do you make those offers?  Well, the great news is that it doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be hard. And it doesn’t have to take too long to do it. All it takes is a simple, reliable solution. You can (and should) set it up so that it’s a template – one where you can essentially fill in the blanks to get your offers out.

    A great strategy is to have 3 offers for the seller to consider. For example, Offer 1 can be an All-Cash offer (at a Wholesale MAO price); Offer 2 can be either a Sandwich Lease Option OR Owner Financing deal; and Offer 3 can be a Lease Option Assignment, aka “ACTS” deal. Please note that the Sandwich Lease Option and the ACTS would NOT be used in the great state of Texas, due to legal limitations there.

    Here’s how to get those offers out: When talking with a seller, you’re obviously going to be asking them questions about their situation. If you determine that they’re not motivated now, or are not worthy of going to meet them and see the house to write up a contract/offer, the next best thing would be to take this approach…

    Quick Script Time: “Mr. Seller, I appreciate you taking the time to talk with me about your house today. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a good fit for us because insert reason here (example: ‘you’re asking full price, all cash’). But I tell you what… I’ve enjoyed talking with you, and I am interested in your house, so why don’t we do this: How about I send you some information on how we can buy your house and give you something to consider, and maybe we can talk again in a few weeks or so? Maybe by then, you’ll have sold your house, and I’ll be the first to congratulate you! But if not, then maybe we can re-visit this conversation at a higher level to see what we can do then. Does that sound good?”

    BOOM! I mean…WHO would say NO to that? Almost nobody!  And if they do say no, then thank them for not wasting your time.

    So when they say, “Yes,” you say, “Great! What’s your email address? I’ll get this right out to you today.” Then you take their email address. TIP: I would also suggest that you go ahead & schedule a follow up appointment with them anywhere between 1-4 weeks.

    Now you have all the information you need to shoot over your offer letter package, so write it up and send it out – either by email or snail mail… or both!

In other words, ‘Whip it & Ship it!’

    The next time you talk with them, they’ll be more informed. Many times, their original goals didn’t work out, so they’ll be much more open to what you have to offer. Be prepared to discuss things with them when they call you back. And try not to act too surprised when they do! Or call them back after a little while to follow-up. Just be sure to mention the offers you sent them, and here’s a quick tip for you: Ask which offer they liked best!

    The Idea is Super-Simple: If you do this consistently, you WILL have more success. I can practically (but not legally lol) guarantee it!

    Would you like all this DONE FOR YOU? What if you had a very SIMPLE SOLUTION that takes all the hard work, calculations, and guessing OUT of this process? What if you could quickly generate (in less than a minute or two) THREE Customized, Personalized OFFERS and crank them out to ALL the sellers you talk to, all day long?

    If you could do THAT, How Many Offers would you write up a day? A week?  How many deals do you think you could do if you had that ability?


Well, now you CAN! For More Information, Just Visit…


    To close this up, I’ll just repeat those prophetic words that my early teacher/mentor said to me…

“If You Ain’t Making Enough OFFERS, You Ain’t Making Any MONEY!”

    Now that you know WHY and HOW to make those offers, you won’t have any more excuses. So just TAKE ACTION, and I’ll see you at the top!


Until Next Time,
Tony Pearl


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BIO: Tony Pearl is a writer, speaker, copywriter, coach, mentor, marketer, musician, poet, ballroom dance instructor, world traveler, father, fiance, internet marketer, voiceover artist, and real estate investor. He’s also a Politically-Incorrect Insomniac with ADHD who specializes in adding massive value to people’s lives by helping them overcome limiting beliefs, have more fun, and make more money while improving lifestyles through investing in real estate!  


  • November 2, 2018

“The Joy of Text: How to Get Deals With Your Cell Phone”

Do You Have A Cell Phone?

    In this article, you’re going to learn the right way HOW to use that powerful little tool that you already have sitting in your pocket to prospect for deals, quickly prescreen the crap from the cream, and efficiently communicate with the right people the right way, so that you can get more deals done…while having more FUN in the process!  Sound good? Great! Let’s go…


    Quick Question For You: What has quickly become the MAIN way that most people communicate these days? Sure, you could easily say things like the telephone, email, or even social media, and you’d be correct. But one of the most powerful & personal things that almost everybody does these days is… TEXT messaging!  You might even get a text from someone you know while you’re reading this article right now! But don’t answer it until you’re done reading this first, ok?


SHOCKING Statistic: 98% of Text Messages Are Read Within 2 Minutes!


Here’s The Problem Most People Are Facing

    One of the biggest issues we face these days is reaching people who have a house for sale. Seems like NO One is picking up their phone when you call them anymore! And when you do get someone on the phone, they’re either busy or angry because they think you’re the 12th agent to call them that day to try to convince them to list their house! And if they don’t answer, you have to leave the exact. Same. Message. On their voicemail. Over and over again. zzzzzzzzz…

    This is really the first & second reasons why we use VAs – to make contact with people & deal with their crap… so that we don’t have to.  🙂


What Most People Are Doing Wrong

    The main thing I see most people doing wrong is not taking action in the first place. Having said that, the next thing is that when a lot of new investors do get a seller or buyer prospect on the phone, they beg. They’re unfamiliar with how to talk to these people, many times because they don’t have the skills yet… or are just socially shy.

    BUT! What if there was a way that your shyness and awkwardness could be replaced with confidence? What if you could warm up the conversation on the phone by having a conversation before that conversation. How? By Text, of course!


The Right Way to Text: Keep it Real

    I’m sure we could have a nice, healthy debate about this subject. But let’s keep things super-simple here. The best way to text someone is to ‘keep it real,’ meaning: Be personal. Remember that you’re a person texting a person. So don’t try acting like you’re some big corporation. And if this is the first text you’re sending someone, just start with the obvious: The reason why you’re texting them in the first place. Finally, take control by asking a really easy question to get them to answer and initiate a conversation.

    For example, the BEST & easiest opening text to use when contacting a seller with a house for sale is: “Hi! Is the house you’re selling at [ADDRESS] still available?”

    A simple question that will get you a simple answer: Yes or No.  
From there, you’ll simply engage them a little bit so that you can warm things up a bit more.

    Here’s my personal suggestion on what to text next:

YOU: Great! My name is YOUR NAME. What’s your name?
THEM: They reply with their name.
YOU: Nice to meet you, NAME. Are you the owner?
THEM: Yes (or no). 

Simple, right?  The next thing you’ll want to do is…

Take It To The Next Level

    Different people have different preferences on how they like to communicate. Some people ONLY want to use text. Some like email. And others still prefer the phone.  

    Although you can certainly use text or email to continue communicating, and you might possibly negotiate a deal, there’s no doubt that you’ll HIGHLY increase your chances of success by getting them on the PHONE to have a proper conversation!  

    So that’s what you’re really aiming for here. With that in mind, I suggest that you try to limit your text volleys to between 3-5 rounds before you look to escalate the conversation by converting it to a phone call. You can use those texts to get their name & gently prescreen them a little bit.

   Did you know that great phone (communication & sales) skills are TRULY the MILLION-DOLLAR SKILLS to possess? When you’re great on the phone, you have confidence. When you have confidence, you’ll close deals. It’s just that simple. Need help? Let’s talk! But for now, let’s continue…

    How do you get them on the phone? By asking! Here’s a simple suggestion to text them:

YOU: “This looks good! When do you have 5 minutes to talk on the phone?”
Advanced Tip: Use the ‘Choice of Two’ closing tip/strategy I give you in THIS ARTICLE.

Boom! Done. Simple. You’re welcome. 🙂


One At a Time vs. All At Once

    After you’ve done this a few times, you’ll start to gain more confidence and find a rhythm. You’ll start to see what works for you. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll want to scale it up to reach more people, faster. At that point, you’ll need a different platform/solution that can handle this for you faster than your nimble little thumbs can work your phone’s keypad. 

    Lucky for you, I have a fantastic solution I can wholeheartedly recommend!

    It’s call the “Real Estate Prospector,” and it’s a very powerful software that’s easy to use. This software saves you HUGE chunks of time and frustration. 
The software will make calls, send personalized text messages AND personalized email messages for you – in ANY combination… One at a time or however many you want to send out at once!  

    Best of all, it gets you RESULTS!

For more information, Click Here


    Is it worth it to scale up? Oh yeah! Check out this next part…


Other Applications For Texting

    Wow, there are so many other possibilities you can use for text message marketing. Here’s just a few for your consideration:

  • Blasting out notifications of new properties you have available to your buyers’ list.
  • Blasting out notifications of new properties to other investors.
  • Blasting out notifications of any specials, promotions, events, etc. to your lists.
  • And SO many more! You’re only limited by your imagination.


And Now, A Word From Your Lawyer…

    Before you get all happy & start blasting out those text messages, there are a few legal things you’ll need to consider. Rather than cover them all here, be sure to check your local laws by consulting with your attorney. You’re probably fine to send out those individual texts to people who have advertised that they have a house for sale, but watch out when you really start blasting with volume, ok?

Hint: “Permission-based marketing.”


Ready For Some Homework?

    I believe that the best way to learn something is by DOING…by taking some action. Immediately. So here’s your assignment: Go get 5-10 leads together of people who are looking to sell their house. Doesn’t much matter from where you get them. You can start with Craigslist or Zillow if you like. You’re looking for houses that are in your target area, that match up with your price point, etc. Naturally, you’ll need phone numbers and addresses.

    After you get that together, send out the simple text I mentioned earlier. You know, the one about asking if the house (at their address) is still available? When they text you back that it is, which they will, quickly, just ask them a couple more questions before trying to get them on the phone for a quick conversation.

    Due to the fact that it’s not going to be a ‘cold call’ anymore, you should automatically feel more confident when you talk to them! From there, simply fill out your Lead/Property Information Sheet as usual.

    Couple Quick Notes: If your VA doesn’t text your leads for you, and they’ve already tried to reach them but failed, this is exactly what you need to do now. If you don’t have a VA yet, this will help get you started, quickly and extremely efficiently.


Wrapping This Up…

    Now you know some powerful secrets on how to really prospect for sellers more efficiently and effectively, starting today, using a powerful tool you already have in your pocket to send text messages. I’m sure you can also see how to easily apply these ideas to other things to help maximize your efficiency and increase your profitability.  Finally, you were given an assignment on exactly what to do to get started!

    The rest, as they say, is entirely up to YOU.


    Oh, you can go ahead and answer those text messages you received while you were reading this now.  😉

UPDATE!: I just wrote Part TWO of this article. 
It will show you what NOT to do when texting a seller (or anyone)! 
So now that you’ve read this article, it’s time for you to read the next one. Here’s the link:

Read Part Two of this article, “The Joy of Text 2: What NOT To Do When Texting a Seller”

Until Next Time,

Tony Pearl


P.S. How did you like the Title of this article, “The Joy of Text?”   😉


Copyright 2018-9 Tony Pearl | All Rights Reserved


Want an unfair advantage that automates & streamlines this FOR you?:
This Software Does The Work FOR You!

30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 1

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

A LEAD is Defined As: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A, B, or C.

Your Activities For Today, Day 1:

  • If you haven’t already done so, call Global Publishing and set up a virtual assistant because it will be critical going forward. If you can, enroll in the Gold Club Elite program at $297 per month, which includes the resource you need to operate your business such as a website and the DREAMS system and much more. If that’s not in your budget, enroll in the Gold Club at $59 per month, which will give you the right to buy our virtual assistant services at $105 per five hour blocks or $200 for a 10 hour block. You should buy 10 hours upon set-up. You will need at least 10 hours in the first month for your set-up, and if you follow the instructions below will likely need more time. Discuss how to submit leads and make sure you understand the process.
  • Once your Gold Club site is set up, be sure and activate the FSBO lead service and pick two counties, as this will become very important to your immediate lead flow. You should receive FSBO leads in your inbox within 24 hours after set-up. If not, contact your virtual assistant and find out why.
  • Pick at least two ways to generate FSBO leads. Obviously, one of them is the daily Gold Club inbox. Another should be to have your virtual assistant run… I BUY HOUSES… on numerous sites as soon as you complete Day Two.
  • Make 20 copies of the Property Information Sheet for your desk.
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 1!—

  • August 19, 2018

30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 2

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Day 2:

  • Go to and set up an account to receive inbound calls from both buyers and sellers. Use the scripts in your Quick Start manual for both. Sellers script is on page 55 at the time I’m writing this, but be sure to check your manual for the exact locations of your scripts. For buyers, Ron suggests using the buyer’s script that captures downpayment and monthly payment. You must tell PatLive exactly how to answer the phone and which scripts to use. Make a note to call them the following day to verify the scripts are set up correctly. They have agreed to waive the $149 setup fee if you use Ron’s name. Don’t forget to be issued five local phone numbers for use in your marketing as you’re setting up your plan. There’s no extra cost. 
  • As soon as you get a phone number from PatLive, contact your VA and have her start running ads on all the sites we use. Tell your VA to keep the ads current. Be sure to use one of the numbers in your online ad and direct the call to PatLive. Use this number for no other use so you can track the calls from your ads.
  • Call 5 FSBO ads from any site and complete the property information sheet yourself followed by the appropriate script if you get a yes answer to A or B on the property information sheet. Record your calls. This is critical for you to correct mistakes. Do not eliminate this step. I want you to see what the VA goes through to get sellers on the phone and get the information you are paying a very small amount of money to get others to do.  You need the practice and the recordings to correct your mistakes on the phone. You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broke.
  • NOTE: You may use my Lead Property Info Sheet that doubles as a script for talking to sellers! This is a convenient feature that I’ve lovingly built just for my students. Click Here to get access to this sheet. This is only for YOUR use in your business.
    Do NOT direct Ron’s VAs to use my sheet. They have their own.
  • NOTE: If you prefer, you may also use that page to download Ron’s PI sheet. I’ve made it available as a regular pdf file AND a fillable pdf!
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 2!—

  • August 19, 2018

30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 3

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Day 3:

  • Drive around in nice areas near where you live and look for FSBO signs. Take a photo with your cell phone of the sign in the house. Your goal is to find five of them today. Spend at least one hour searching. Immediately send the photos of the signs to your VA to call, making sure the phone number is legible, or load them into DREAMS yourself to have your VA call. The process to submit leads to your VA should be discussed on your phone call as you’re setting up your system with Global Publishing. If you’re not clear on this, inquire immediately until you fully understand what to do.
  • Spend one hour today to watch training videos on your DREAMS system, if applicable. 
    Go Here to do this:
  • Spend at least 30-60 minutes going through THIS site to enhance your training and mentoring experience.
  • If leads haven’t started coming from your Gold Club site or your ads, find five more FSBOs online and call them yourselef to complete the property information sheets followed by the closing scripts. Be sure to record your calls!
  • Getting leads cannot wait on setting up your system. Start calling immediately until your lead flow starts and then you can forward the task to your VA daily.
  • Don’t have a VA yet? Ok, no problem. That just means that you’ll have to act as your own VA until you get one.
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 3!—

  • August 19, 2018

30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 4

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Day 4:

  • Call all remaining PI sheets that haven’t been called and get them to a conclusion. Remember, you must determine if the seller will discuss terms and if so, use my scripts to determine price, downpayment, monthly payment, and term… then record on the Property Information sheet. If you like the answers and see a deal, make the appointment to go see the house. This is the time to discuss the transaction with me, your mentor, for guidance! Be sure to record your calls with the sellers.
  • Submit any remaining prospects to your VA or load on DREAMS that haven’t been sent.
  • Drive around and find five more FSBOs today. Spend at least one hour. Submit to your VA immediately as you find them.
  • Spend one hour watching DREAMS training videos.
  • By now, you should have your DREAMS website set up, and an active PatLive account. If you don’t, find out why and fix it. You should also have 15 to 20 leads in the system and working. If not, it’s time to get moving!
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 4!—

  • August 19, 2018

30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 5

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Day 5:

  • Call all remaining yes leads and get them to a conclusion. Record your calls.
  • Use the script in your Quick Start manual titled “NO Script” and call 10 FSBOs who have not indicated interest in terms. Record your calls.
  • Send Gold Club and all remaining leads to your VA or load onto DREAMS yourself.
  • Check DREAMS to see if all your leads show up and the progress of each. Report any mistakes or missing items you see to your VA.
  • Drive around and find five more FSBO leads and send to your VA.
  • Spend one hour on DREAMS training videos.
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 5!—

  • August 19, 2018

30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 6

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Day 6:

  • Call all remaining PI sheets, Yes or No. Record your calls. Make appointments with pre-screened sellers. Check with me, your mentor, before you go! All contracts should be approved by your mentor!
  • TONY’S NOTE: Any time you go out to a house, you should ALWAYS take the following docs with you:
    2 Blank Copies of a Purchase & Sales Agreement (P&S)
    2 Blank Copies of a Lease Purchase Agreement (w/out TOC)
    2 Blank Copies of the Authorization to Release Information form.
  • Verify your VA has placed your ads.
  • Call PatLive and act as a seller to see how your calls are handled. Ask for manager if you see any issue.
  • Send Gold Club and any remaining leads to your VA to be called or load them on DREAMS.
  • Spend one hour on DREAMS training videos. 
  • Check some local sites and find at least five FSBOs to forward to your VA that aren’t on your daily Gold Club leads inbox.
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 6!—

  • August 19, 2018