Happy 4th of July 2019!

Today is the day!

    Exactly 243 years ago on this day, 56 incredibly brave men sat down to sign one of the most powerful documents to ever be signed here in America – the Declaration of Independence.

    That’s something we all (hopefully) learned in our history classes or required education to become a U.S. Citizen.

    But what was often left out of our education was what those brave men RISKED to sign that document.
Their fortunes. Their freedom. And in a few cases, their lives.

    Every single man who signed the Declaration of Independence KNEW what they were risking, and what was at stake for them.
But they did it anyway.  Why? Because they knew what mattered more than anything: Our precious FREEDOM, and our independence from the King of England, who clearly did NOT understand nor care about what we were all about here in the new colonies.

    It’s that great spirit that still defines us TODAY, despite what some people in our own country are trying to do to take it away from us and steer us in another, sinister direction. But that’s a conversation for another day.  🙂

Today, we celebrate our great nation’s birthday as a free & independent nation…The greatest in the world!

I’m about to go to a cookout, then head to downtown DC tonight to watch the end of the parade & see the amazing fireworks that are lined up. I did this last year, too. Should be incredible!

Whatever you do today, I hope you enjoy it. Please take a few moments to stop & appreciate the incredible blessings we have in our lives. Speaking of which, I appreciate YOU!

    Finally, if you don’t mind, I’d like to share a little more American history with you.
In case you’ve never heard this or aren’t familiar with it, please take just 11 minutes & 38 seconds to listen to this powerful story of how Francis Scott Key wrote our National Anthem, and under what conditions it was composed. This is something you MUST hear!


The powerful & moving Story of the Star-Spangled Banner, aka our National Anthem.


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  • July 4, 2019
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