Lead Selling 2

Continuing--Script (Offering more services)

    "Oh! Before we get off the phone, let me ask you..."

    Option 1: Script: "We've partnered with a few local companies who would like to offer you some really generous incentives on services you're pretty much going to need anyway, so let me ask you - WOULD YOU LIKE HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF FREE STUFF?"

    Option 2: Just go straight to the questions below. Test which option works best for YOU.


Homeowner/Seller Information

  • Do your best to NOT ask them this information again - unless you truly need it.
    You should have it from the previous form you created.

Your Information


Overcoming Objections:

    If they ask why you're asking about these services...

  • "Oh! Yes, well, because we've helped so many people, we've made a lot of strong local business contacts and we can help you get some GREAT DISCOUNTS on the services you're going to need anyway, right?!" (and continue right where you left off)

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