Welcome! Are you ready to make some Seller Calls together?

    If you’re seeing this page, it means that we’ve been assigned to work together to make some calls to sellers for the upcoming event.

Tony Pearl

    My name is Tony Pearl (that’s me on the right), and I look forward to helping you make these calls to sellers to negotiate some deals together!

I’ve put this page together to give you the exact instructions you need to help us prepare you for our calls. Please take a few minutes to review everything on here so that our time together can be as productive as possible. Please just follow the steps below in the order it’s presented.  Thank you!

Step 1: Book a Time Together

  I’ve set up a very cool calendar booking system for this, and all you need to do is pick a date and time in the calendar below. Please note that I ONLY have Saturday & Sunday available at this time. And while you’re waiting for that time, please review this page for further instructions so that you can be ready for us when the time comes. Let me know if you have any questions.

Step 2: Listen to These Audio Instructions

    After you’ve booked our time to make the calls, please listen to this audio to help you prepare for our phone time together, so that you fully understand everything.  Check it out…

Step 3: How to Make a Conference Call

  Do you already know how to make a conference call on your smartphone? If you do, you can skip this part. If not, it’s important that you learn how. We’re going to be calling as many sellers as we can from the leads you’ve provided, and we’ll want them to come from your phone, so that if & when they call back, they’re calling you, not me. Further, we’ll want you to stretch yourself at least a little bit by talking with these sellers to verify that the houses are still available, then just introduce me as your partner. I’ll take it from there, and all you’ll need to do is listen, learn, and enjoy while do all the heavy lifting! Not sure what to say? Don’t worry, I have a script for you below!

Click on the appropriate link for the type of phone you have:

IPHONE Conference Calling (if you have an iPhone)
ANDROID Conference Calling (Click in you have an Android)

Step 4: What to Say When You Call (Script)

   Nervous about what to say when the seller answers the phone? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with a simple script below! Just read these words in the most natural way possible, and introduce me to take it from there!

If the Seller ANSWERS the Phone:

    You say: “Hello! I’m calling about the house you’re selling at ADDRESS. Is it still available?” If NO: Hang up with them, come back to me, let me know, and we’ll move on to the next one. If YES: “Ok! Is this (NAME ON PI SHEET)?” (Yes) “Nice to meet you, NAME. My name is YOUR NAME. I’m calling you back from the conversation you had with my assistant about your house. Would you mind holding just a moment while I get my partner on the phone?” (Ok)

**Now Tap to MERGE the calls. After a second or two, the calls are merged (it will show on your phone).Then say, “Tony, are you there?” (that’s our sign that you’re coming back with a guest). I’ll reply, “I’m here!” Then you say to the seller, “Ok NAME, I’d like to introduce my partner, Tony Pearl. We just have couple quick questions for you to see if we’d be a good fit to buy your house, ok?” (Ok)

I’ll take it from there! Just sit back, be a fly on the wall & listen. Take notes if you can.

If the Seller Does NOT Answer the Phone:

    You may want to leave a quick voicemail message. If you do, say something different and interesting to stand out from anyone else who may leave a message. Get to the point quickly, leave your number for them to call you back, and then drop their call and come back to me. When you come back to me & you’re alone, please just say, “Ok Tony, no answer. I just left a message.” And we’ll continue. Normally, you’ll also send them a text message right after that.

BONUS: Sending a Text Message

Secrets to Success Today:

    Seems like no one is picking up the phone these days. For that and other reasons, I highly suggest you send a text message. Couple ways we can do this: a. The usual, and b. The recommended.

    a. The Usual: What we usually do is call the seller first and try to reach them. If they don’t pick up, see above (leave a message). Then send a text (details below)    b. The Recommended: What I’d recommend you consider doing is send them a text message FIRST, before the call. That way, they’re already a little warmed up and know to expect a call from you/us.

    What To Text: I’ve written a couple very powerful articles titled, “The Joy Of Text: How To Do Deals With Your Cell Phone” (Part 1), and “What NOT To Say To A Seller” (Part 2). Those training articles are available on my website for my students. Shameless plug aside, I’ll just give you the concentrated version of what to say here. It’s SO simple. Just ask an easy question that practically compels them to reply. Here’s the text: “Hi, is the house you’re selling at ADDRESS still available?” If they reply that it IS, then just text back, “Ok, great! My name is YOUR NAME, and I’m going to call you now.” Then we make the call.

A Better Way To Prepare: While you’re waiting for us to make the calls together, you can just text them the same first question ahead of time. When they reply that it’s still available, then just reply with, “Great, I’ll call you at (DATE/TIME YOU RESERVED). Is this the best number?”

That way, they’re ready for our call! Smart, right? 😉

Our Goal:

    Our goal is to follow up on the PI sheet you submitted for this event. We are continuing to PRESCREEN the seller to see if we’d be a good fit to work together or not. I’ll do all I can to show you how it’s done while negotiating a deal. And have fun in the process. 😉    It’s important to recognize that MOST of the sellers we talk to want full price, all cash. Some of the YES leads will turn out to be NOs in reality. I’ll try to turn them around to a proper YES if possible. If the seller is open to selling on terms, we’ll get to the Million Dollar Script as quickly & smoothly as possible. If we like the answers, we’ll look to set an appointment with you to meet the seller, if possible. Or to do a video tour.

The Reality:

Most of these leads don’t always answer the phone. The ones that do may have already sold their house, listed their house, or already have it under contract. This is what happens when the market is as HOT as it is right now. Don’t worry, this won’t (and can’t) last forever. Hope you don’t mind, but I’m just being real with you.

And just to let you know, I have to TRACK every lead you turned it and report the numbers back to Ron & crew. So we’ll be updating that as we go together.

If We’re Successful in Negotiating a Deal:

    If we have a successful negotiation with a seller – if we get through the Million Dollar Script successfully, and we like their answers, I’ll tell Ron & his team, and we’ll set up a time to meet up with Ron himself during the event and do a Deal Structuring together (you, Ron, and me)! This is where you’ll be in front of your webcam to discuss everything with Ron. It’s fun! And further instructions will be provided. So let’s hope we get at least one together!

No matter what happens, I can promise you that you’ll learn something worthwhile, and have fun in the process of working together. And you might even make a friend and mentor in the process. 😉

And speaking of mentoring, if you’re not currently working with one of our other fine mentors, you might seriously want to consider working with me! Hopefully, you like what you see here on this page – the organization, the preparation, and the powerful information I’ve put together for you…and we haven’t even spoken yet! This is just a small sample of the quality you’ll get when we work together to help you reach your goals and evolve in this business.

If you’d like to discuss this further, just let me know when we talk!

Completed everything above? Great! You’re all done & ready for our calls.  🙂 Thanks & I look forward to working with you soon!


Tony Pearl

Kindly disregard everything below… Unless you’re my student, you won’t have access to this content. Thank you.