Cancel A Call

Need to Cancel a Mentor Call?

    Ok, I get it. Life happens, and occasionally, something might come up that prevents you from getting on your normally-scheduled mentor call with me.

    I’m not mad about it…UNLESS! (Unless what?)
As you know, I take my role as your mentor very seriously. I show up to our mentor calls on time, ready to deliver the goods.

    So if you’re not there, I wait for you. If you don’t show up within 5 minutes, I send a courtesy email reminder. If you still don’t show up, I start to worry, like a parent. And if you don’t show up after 15 minutes, I hang up. And then you get temporarily added to my shit list. The way you would get off of that list is to provide me a valid reason for not showing up.

    You may reschedule your mentor call… If you let me know with at least 3+ hours’ advance notice!
And if that’s the case, you may reschedule by using this link:

…But if you DON’T give me enough advance notice OR if you just don’t show up, you will have LOST that mentor call.

    Please don’t let that happen! If you need to cancel a call, just send me an email ahead of time, letting me know what’s going on. You could even click that link to create a custom email I set up for you for that purpose.

    I hope this helps you understand what to do in case something comes up. And I hope that you see how I’m trying to keep this fair for everyone here. If you have any questions, please let me know. 

    I appreciate you & I appreciate you making your mentor calls on time! 🙂


Tony Pearl