Four Big LIES You’ve Been Told

Don’t you just HATE it when you realize that someone has been lying to you? I know I sure do!

And it’s even worse when you realize that those who have been lying to YOU have been lying to everyone else! Who are these liars? Well, it shouldn’t surprise you that this list includes: The media, politicians, major corporations, your teachers from school, and even your own parents! Well, your parents may not have known they were lying when they told you these things, and it might not be their fault, because they were probably just repeating the same lies they were told many years ago. But at least our parents meant well, right?

In this article, we’re going to explore the 4 big lies you’ve probably been told since you were a kid, and what you should do when you realize you’ve been lied to. We’re also going to look at what the real TRUTH is, and why it’s true. Get ready to have your head rung, because we’re about to go deep. Do you think you can handle this? Let’s GO…

“If You Want To Be RICH, Then Think Like THIS”

If you’re like most people, you have a problem. Every month, you have these things to pay called bills. We all know they suck. And the bills we pay are only getting higher and higher every month, due to inflation, the economy, and several other factors. At the end of the month, too many people have more month than money left. They’re just scraping by, and many statistics show that they’re just one little $500 emergency away from being in a truly desperate situation.

At the same time, most people are too lazy, busy, or just incompetent to realize how bad they’re doing financially. Or maybe they just don’t see a way out of their financial straits. And rather than try to figure out a way to do something productive, they turn to the escapism of alcohol, drugs, gambling, or just binging Netflix. It used to be that people in that situation would just go out and get another job, but it seems that an increasing number of folks are too lazy to do even that. Like most things, I blame Covid.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably not like ‘most people,’ but maybe you can relate to what I’m talking about here in some way. Most of us have all been broke or have experienced financial hardship in our lives at some point. It’s important to remember what that felt like and use it for motivation when needed.

But if you don’t want to stay stuck on broke, then listen up! What you’re about to learn here can and should change the way you look at and think about a LOT of things – especially as they apply to business… Especially the real estate business. This valuable lesson will really help hammer home the important way of thinking and approaching just about any situation you encounter in business. And although I’ve written about some of this stuff before, I wanted to bring it back even stronger, because it’s really that important! Are you ready? Here we go…

Assign or Double Close: How to Get Paid in a Wholesale Deal

Whether you’re brand new to real estate investing or have done over a hundred deals, you’ve surely heard of wholesaling houses. You know – that strategy where you get a house under contract for a really cheap price for all cash, then turn around and sell it for a nice, easy & fast profit? Yeah, that one.
So if you’re intending to make money by wholesaling properties (which you should), then you’re going to need to be very familiar with the two exact ways you’re going to make that happen:
In order to get paid & make that quick cash, you’re either going to 
-Assign your contract or 
-Do a double close.

But what’s the difference? And when do we use each one? What’s the best strategy for your wholesaling real estate business? Have you ever wondered about those things?

Good news! I have you covered.
In this training article, we’re going to dive deep into these things. We’ll dissect what each strategy is and cover the benefits and negatives of each, and give you a better understanding of everything.

So by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll not only understand the key differences between an assignment of contract and a double close, you’ll also be very confident about which one to use and when. And why. And how!

Are you ready? Here we go…

Everyone Goes Through This. Even You.

Today, we’re discussing the thrilling rollercoaster ride of real estate investing—a journey that follows a five-stage emotional journey we all take, whether we know it or not. As a matter of fact, you’re at one of these five stages right now!

The main reason why you need to read & digest this information is so you can understand specifically where you are in your journey, then compare that to the big picture of the five stages, so that you know what’s coming up and can be better prepared for it, in order to get to where you want to go – the fifth stage of this journey!

Listen, it doesn’t matter if you’re focusing on the big checks from all cash wholesale and rehab deals, or looking to solidify your asset portfolio of real estate by acquiring more deals on terms, it’s vital to prepare yourself for the twists and turns you’ll encounter along the way. We’re about to discover the emotional phases that everyone—yes, everyone, even YOU—goes through in this crazy adventure of real estate investing.

But take heart, because here’s the key: Once you KNOW the various challenges you’ll encounter along the way, you’ll be that much more prepared for them, right? So put on your reading glasses and grab your armor, because here we GO…

We Buy Houses, CASH or TERMS (Script)

Do you ever struggle with a simple way of telling people (sellers) WHAT it is that we DO in our real estate business? Do you ever wonder HOW we can quickly and easily bridge the gap between YOU knowing what benefits & service we provide and the SELLER knowing the same? Do you ever wish that someone…somehow…would just provide a nice SCRIPT you can use that will easily explain what we do so that you can simply see if we’re a good fit for the seller & vice-versa? Yes?

Great! Then you’ll be happy to know that this is EXACTLY what I’m providing for you here today, right here on this page! I should have written this a LONG time ago.
So that’s what you’re getting here now. Are you ready? Here we go…