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What Our Students Are Saying

What do some of our past students think of this mentoring experience?

"Working with Tony has given me the confidence to put 3 duplexes under contract for my first deal. I was able to pick them up subject-to with no money down, and a 7 year payoff of the sellers equity with a super-low interest rate! Because of everything that I have learned from Tony, I am now able to speak with seasoned investors and not feel like a complete idiot. Structuring deals, talking to sellers and deciding on exit strategies comes very naturally now and I don't think I could have made a better decision for the future of my family."

Sean Tiehes

Virginia Beach, VA

What I really like to express is that the whole time while working with Tony, I always felt like he genuinely cared about my success.
I've had other mentors, and that includes paid mentors, and sometimes you realize that the only reason they are talking with you is because it is one of their jobs.
Tony has always made me happy to be under his mentor-ship, and I gained massive value with every meeting.

David Smith

Vernon, CT

I lease optioned one of my houses for $109,900 and my tenant buyer put down $30,000 plus the first month's rent. We closed this deal with the tenant buyer and attorneys in only 24 hours!!!
I admit that I was skeptical about singing up for the mentoring program and spending that kind of money. I realized I wasn't spending money, I was investing my money back into myself in the form of an education. I was lucky enough to get Tony Pearl as my mentor, he's like an awesome big brother who loves to help you out! A+ Experience!

Joe DelleFave

New York

I am feeling more confident now that I have some leads to go on.
My advice to anyone who wants to succeed is:
Get you a MENTOR! Don't go it alone. Success comes by doing what other successful people do.

Larry Nordquest

Aurora, OH

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