How To Send In Your Weekly Report

    Looking good! Now let’s fill out & send your very first Weekly Report!
Remember, this is a REQUIREMENT of the mentor program, and I’ve made it EASY, because all you need to do is just fill out a simple form.

IMPORTANT!: At the top of the page, you’ll see “Week of*” – For the report you’ll turn in TODAY, just click that field, then pick today’s date.
After today, you’ll pick the MONDAY date that corresponds to our call. Then fill everything else out.
When you ‘Submit‘ the report, you’ll get an email sent to you. I’ll also get one, and so will Global. Easy!

Remember: This Report MUST be turned in EVERY week BEFORE we get on the phone. Some students like to turn it in the night before. Some prefer the morning of the call. Either way is fine. Shoot, I don’t care if you turn it in 2 minutes before we talk, as long as it’s submitted to me BEFORE we get on the phone. Fair enough?

Ok, please turn in your First Weekly Report now by filling out the form below!

To send your weekly report every week:
Simply fill out this same form on this page:

Make a note of that link. For your convenience, you can also find that link in the TOOLS menu on the site.
Again: Remember to turn in your report BEFORE every regular mentor call.

Oh, and whenever you feel like sharing a WIN for the week, you may do so here:

Share a WIN!

AFTER you’ve turned in that first Weekly Report above, Click the button below to go to the Register on the Site!

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