We just finished our Kickoff call for your mentoring program, and I’m as excited as you are! But we’re not quite done yet.
Please follow the instructions in the video below carefully!

Watch This Video First:

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Outline of Your Next Steps (Your Homework):
1. Add my Conference Call line to your phone (So you’re ready for our mentor calls)
2. Turn in your First Weekly Report (So you know how it’s done and to get you used to this requirement)
3. Register on my website (Get access to all the powerful tools, special training, motivation, etc. you’ll need)
4. Read some Important Info & some Training Articles I’ve written for you (Get a head-start on your special mentor training)

All of these steps will be completed by following the instructions on the next pages!
Just follow the instructions on each page, then click the obvious button at the bottom of every page to continue to the next step until you’re done.

The Basic Idea: Follow the instructions on this page, then click the ‘Continue’ Button at the bottom of the page.
Then do the same thing on every page until you’re done. Simple! 😛 

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