Wrapping This Up: Support, Leads, and Your Homework

Almost Done! On this page, you’ll learn the following:

  • How you’ll be supported in this program between mentor calls
  • How to send in your leads for evaluation
  • Final words from me (for now)
  • Last Steps: What to do to get a super HEAD START on everything (the rest of your homework)

But First, Let’s Review!:

Ok, let’s review what you’ve done up to this point. By now, you should have:
-Set up my Conference Call number on your phone;
Registered on my website (and received your login info by email);
-Sent in your First Weekly Report (and know how to do so every week after this);
-Accepted my Calendar invitation by email (done while we were on the phone);

If you’ve missed any of those steps, just click on the appropriate link & it will take you to that page.

How You’re Supported in This Program + Tips:

You have full support as part of this program. I’m here to answer your questions and be a lifeline before or when you freak out. 🙂
TIP: The best way to get your questions answered is to be prepared for your Weekly Mentor Calls. Get a Mentor Notebook & keep it handy.
TIP: Write down your questions & leave space for the answer, then ask me on our calls.
If you have questions BETWEEN our calls, just send me an email: TonyMentorsMe@gmail.com
NOTE: Please have a point and a question in those emails!! 🙂

Important: Whitelist My Emails!

You’re now on a special email list, and will be getting drip-fed emails from me for a while. These emails will keep you engaged, motivated, and properly guided through this whole process.
So it will be very important for you to WHITELIST emails from me so they don’t go to spam!
Click HERE to go to a page that will teach you how to whitelist emails for your particular email provider.
Then be sure to whitelist these email addresses from me: tony@yourrealestatecourse.com and tonymentorsme@gmail.com

Making an Emergency Appointment

If you ever get stuck talking to a seller & think there’s possible deal there, you may book an appointment with me (details below).
If you book an appointment to go meet a seller at their house & want my help while you’re there (heart attack prevention!), you may book an appointment with me (details below).
How to book an appointment: It’s so simple. Just Click Here to go to the special appointment page.
You’ll also see an ‘Emergency Lifeline Calendar’ at the bottom of most pages on my site.

Call Cancellation Policy:

If you need to cancel a call for any reason, please read the Call Cancellation Policy. (click that link)

Holiday Call Policy:
Any Mentor Calls that fall on a holiday will STILL take place! (Unless you’re informed otherwise)
The only real holidays I take off are Christmas & New Year’s Day.

Sending in Leads:

If you have a VA: If you have leads that your VA has sent to you and you need help, no problem. Simply email the PI sheet to me at that email above, and ask a question. I’ll reply as quickly as I can. Note that I have up to 48 hours to reply, but rarely need anywhere near that much time. You’ll also find that the simpler your question, the faster I’ll reply. 😉

If you’re calling sellers yourself: If you’re calling sellers yourself (or have your own VA making calls for you), I have something very special for you…
I’ve created a powerful Lead Script Form on the site. This will blow you away with how well it works.
Check it out when you can. There are full instructions here: https://yourrealestatecourse.com/lead
Note that you also have a link to that page in the TOOLS menu on the site (as “Submit a Lead”)
Also note the additional resources at the bottom of that page.

If you just want to send me a bare-bones lead from the info you already have, you may…
Submit a Quick Lead (click that link; Opens in a new tab)

Closing Calls: Powerful Bonus!: I’ve also setup the Closing Call as a Script Form. This is the conversation you’ll have with the seller when you get the PI sheet back from your VA. Yes, the same one that makes some people physically ill because they’re scared of the phone. But YOU won’t be when you use this tool I’ve created for you!
Trust me when I tell you that this is an amazing creation. You’ll just bring up this page, enter a little info, then just smile & dial, and follow the script. The script will expand and react according to the responses the seller gives you! (Told you it was amazing)
Better yet, let me SHOW you: https://yourrealestatecourse.com/closing-call  (opens in a new tab)
Note: This is also available in the TOOLS and the SCRIPTS menus on the site (as “Closing Calls”).

FINAL WORDS (for now):

I’ve done my best to think of and provide everything I can to help train and support you with your business, and I’ve carefully created and added it to this site over the past few years. What you now have access to on this website is an ongoing culmination of my personal blood, sweat, and (manly) tears from my experience that I’ve put together to help support YOU. You won’t find this anywhere else, so I hope you treasure it, enjoy it, and put it to good use…for years to come!
Of course, if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, I’m very open to hearing them! Just let me know by sending me an email at the email above.

Hey, you’re now a part of the family! You’re now on my special list and will be getting periodic emails from me and my system. Those emails will be coming from this address: Tony@YourRealEstateCourse.com, so be SURE to whitelist that address. Maybe even create a special folder in your inbox. And make sure you read EVERY email you get from me, because they’re all special.
Finally, let me just say: Welcome aboard! I’m so glad to be working with you!


If you’ve already registered on the site and sent in your first Weekly Report, then the last thing you’ll need to do is to click the button at the bottom of this page to follow the flow of the steps on the Main Membership Page as I’ve set it up for you. This is the last button of this flow (whew)!
When you get to that page, just start with the video tour, then go from Section 1 to Section 2, then check out Section 3 if you have time.

Thank you very much for your participation, and congratulations again on your wise choice to join the mentor program. I know we’ll enjoy working together. Remember, if you have any questions, you may email me at tonymentorsme@gmail.com. And remember to use that phone hack to call in to my conference call line at your mentor call appointment time.

Ok, here’s the LAST STEP! Click on the button below to go to the Main Membership Page, where you’ll just work your way down, starting with the video tour, then Section 1.


Please note that you’ll need to be logged in to the site from this point forward…

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