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Motivation Part 4- Stop Wasting Your Life!

“Stop Wasting Your Life”

    Today’s  motivational video will hit you hard.

    Actually, this isn’t so much motivation as inspiration. It should get you to think.

    Hey, if you’re still working a job, this should really smack you right between the eyes – HARD! And that’s a good thing.

    You see, I’ve been saying for years that, “No one really does anything until/unless they’re ANGRY or EXCITED enough to DO something about it!”  

    In other words: We all live in various stages of our comfort zones. It’s only when something happens or we just get pissed off enough that we finally take the action needed to create the change needed to get out of our rut and make our lives better.

    Think about that.

Ready? Great! Here’s today’s video, titled “Stop Wasting Your Life,” by Prince Ea.   ENJOY!!



    So…What did you get out of that video? What did it make you think about for YOUR life?

    Please take a moment to wipe the tears from your eyes (no judgement!), and leave your thoughts below!

Enjoy your day… AND your LIFE!


-Tony Pearl


  • June 26, 2019