In This Course, you’ll learn how to select the exact areas and houses you want to target, then have Zillow give you all the leads you can handle – for FREE!!

I’ll show you how to set up your account on Zillow, then how to select the search area you want to target.

You’ll also discover how to use the exact search criteria to get just the houses you want, based on size, price, features, and of course, location.

Finally, you’ll see how to set up this sophisticated engine to automatically send you those chosen leads in your selected area automatically, all day, every day. At no cost.

Come follow along with me as I show you how to do all this just by watching the fun and engaging videos I just recently shot for you.

Free leads? Targeted areas and houses? What are you waiting for? 

Start this course right now!


  1. 1-Set Up Your Zillow Account (Free)
  2. 2-Set Up Your Search Criteria
  3. 3-Tweaking/Adjusting Your Results
  4. 4-How to TRACK Your Leads
  5. 5-Checklists and Targeting
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