In This Course, you’ll learn how to AUTOMATICALLY get FREE leads of For Sale By Owner sellers from one of the most popular sites online: CRAIGSLIST!

Here’s What You’ll Learn…


You’ll learn the FOUR Steps I’ve identified that you’ll take so get the leads you want in any area you like. You’ll also learn how to select the exact areas and houses you want to target, then have Craigslist give you all the leads you can handle – for FREE!!

Here are the Four Steps You’ll Learn:

  1. Account Creation
  2. Area Selection
  3. Criteria Reduction
  4. Setup Automation


In 1. Account Creation, I’ll show you how to set up your account on Craigslist.
In 2. Area Selection, you’ll learn how to select the exact area/market area you want to target.
In 3. Criteria Reduction, you’ll understand the exact search criteria you want to setup for your leads – size, price, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
You’ll also learn what TO do and what NOT to do.
Then in 4. Setup Automation, I’m going to show you how to put the whole thing on Autopilot so that those leads start coming to you Automatically, all day, every day… for FREE!!!

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to do all this yourself just by watching the fun and engaging videos I just recently shot for you.
Set it up once, and it runs for you forever! Oh, and I also show you how to modify your searches AND how to create UNLIMITED searches in ANY area!

Free leads? Targeted areas and houses? What are you waiting for? 

Start this course right now!


  1. CL Step 1-Account Creation
  2. CL Step 2-Area Selection
  3. CL Step 3-Criteria Reduction
  4. CL Step 4-Setup Automation
  5. CL 5-Thrilling Conclusion

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