In this article, I’m going to take a break from the normal subject matter that I usually write about (marketing, real estate, technology, etc.) to focus on something a bit more… important. If you’re not ready for a little introspection, go ahead & stop reading now. I won’t judge.

    However, if you’re open to some insight that just might help you grow not only your business but yourself as well, I humbly invite you to keep an open mind & keep reading.  Please know that I’m usually a very private person, so a lot of the subject matter I’ll be writing about here is not easy for me to open up about.

    There’s nothing like a challenge or personal tragedy in your life that will almost compel you to stop or at least slow down to re-evaluate the things you’re doing and consider or re-evaluate the direction you’re heading.  For me personally, I had such a tragedy occur when my father passed away from a combination of dementia, old age & a heart condition just one month shy of his 96th birthday (yes, he had me late in life). Three months later, his older sister (my aunt) joined him. She was mere weeks away from turning 100!

    My father was a full colonel (retired) in the U.S. Air Force.  He served his country honorably, and, as I recently discovered, contributed to many (Classified) projects during the time he served that set the framework for things that are still in place today.  He was laid to rest at Arlington National Cemetery with full military honors. I still remember that day like it was yesterday...

...WHY do we DO the things we DO?   Ever stop to ask yourself that question?  🙂

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