In this post, I wanted to share something pretty cool with you. One of my students (Joe & Jenn, an awesome husband and wife) was recently interviewed by Ron, and let me tell you, it’s a great interview!

In this interview, you’ll hear how my students took what they learned with me during their mentoring, and really ran with it to accomplish so much in this business. Ron gets them to share some spicy secrets, along with some of their best tips and strategies.

This is a great example of what happens when you take what you learn from Ron and me and take massive action.

So if you’re looking for some inspiration and guidance on how to succeed in real estate, give a listen to the audio. You’re going to love this!

Ron Interviews My Students, Joe & Jenn DelleFave:

What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • How Joe went from borrowing an unopened Ron LeGrand coaching tape to securing his first deal within one month
  • Why Joe and Jenn decided to move into the pretty houses business after renovating and refinancing on their own credit for years
  • How Joe and Jenn have leveraged social media marketing to get over 150 warm leads per month for only $5.80 per lead
  • How Joe and Jenn have automated their business to the point of never having to personally speak with a buyer to get a deal closed
  • Jenn’s advice to anyone looking to grow their social media marketing
  • What Joe wishes he had done differently when he started out, and his advice to anyone looking to avoid those same mistakes

This interview was “borrowed” from Ron’s “The Mentor Podcast” (21 Sep 22)

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Great interview Tony. I bet you’re proud of your students. What Joe and Jenn explained is you just have to be diligent, keep learning, and get out of your own way!
Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for sharing. That was a very motivating interview. They simply listened to Ron’s training, got the best Mentor (Tony, of course) and began implementing what you and Ron taught them and they are successful. Thanks.

That was great information shared by Joe and Jenn! Anybody can lose their job anytime!!
They were great at sharing how they decided to learn and implement all that they learned from Ron and Tony, leading to their success. Taking action is the key and following up!!

Thank you for sharing this great podcast!
-Mary and Immaculate.

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