Is T-Mobile Your Cell Phone Service Provider?

If so, you should know that some T-Mobile users have problems calling the StartMeeting Conference Call line for our Mentor Calls.
T-Mobile is notorious for being a pain in the butt with some things, and this is one of them.
They’ve been known to CHARGE their users for calling phone lines like the one we use for our Mentor Calls.

If that’s you, we apologize on their behalf for the inconvenience.

BUT there IS a solution! IF you use T-Mobile AND you’re getting a notification that you’re going to get charged by them because the conference call line is “out of your plan” or some crap like that, then LISTEN UP, because this is for YOU!

How To Fix the T-Mobile Situation:

All you’ll need to do is first call one of these numbers below to get access first, then enter the other info needed to get on my conference call line:

  1. Call one of these numbers: 518-906-1718 or 518-906-1719
  2. Enter the usual call-in number for my Conference Call Line (plus a #): (701) 801-1211#
  3. Enter my Access Code number (plus a #): 670-247-890#
  4. Alternately, if you’re on your cell phone now, you can Tap on any of these links below, which will do it all for you:
    a. First Number (try this first): 5189061718,,7018011211#,,670247890# 
    b. Second Number (if that one doesn’t work): 5189061719,,7018011211#,,670247890#

If any of those work, you’ll probably need to re-program my contact info in your cell phone to make it automatic going forward. Just copy and paste whichever number works above. Easy! 🙂

So there you have it!
If you use T-Mobile, and want to avoid getting charged for our mentor calls, your solution is above.

And if none of those work for you (a possibility), then I don’t know what else to tell you other than: Get a new cell phone provider! 🙂



Tony Pearl