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New Updates – Website, Market, Laws, Technology – August 2019

In this Post, I’m going to share a few UPDATES that I have for you!

These updates will cover a few things, including:

  • Our Website (
  • The Market
  • A “Nasty” New Law in Illinois
  • Some Technology to stay ahead of things
  • And a few insights & tips to help you out!

Ready? Let’s go…

  1. New Updates to Our Website!

    I’m very excited to share some recent changes/updates I’ve made here for your benefit.

    First, I’ve just updated the contracts & instructions pages in the ‘Contracts–>Buying‘ section/page.
Click on that link to check it out. I’ve re-done the formatting and enhanced the instructions to make things look and perform better for you.
    Shoot, I even include some pictures I created to make the process of editing the contracts and sharing them with me a lot easier.

    Next, I’ve added a brand NEW way to communicate with me to either ask a question or provide a testimonial/share a win.
    On this page (and many-but not all-pages), you should see a little floating tab on the right side of your screen that says “Send a Video/Audio Message

    When you click that, it will open up a little window dialogue box that allows you to record yourself – either an audio or video message.
    Choose one, make sure your microphone and/or camera is/are working, and record yourself if you want to send me a message!
    You’ll get a chance to review what you recorded first, then you can easily send it to me by entering your name & email, then click ‘send.’

    This probably works best & easiest right from your cell phone!
And if you use your cell phone to record video, I highly suggest/request that you take that video holding your cell phone sideways, not straight up & down. The videos come out a lot better.

    I added this feature with the intention of making things easier for both of us. Again, you may use this to record and send an audio message or video message to me quickly and easily.

    I’m specifically looking for great video TESTIMONIALS from my wonderful students (you!).
So please send me what you got! It could be from a deal or deals you’ve done, or just to share your positive experience of working together.
Thank you so much in advance.

    Finally, have you had a chance to use the powerful NEW Cost To Sell Net Sheet SCRIPT??
Oh baby, this is incredible & you’re absolutely going to LOVE it!
This is one of those ‘perfect’ tools to use when you’re talking with a seller that you enjoy talking to, who says they want full price, all cash (gee, that never happens <cough, cough>). We usually just get off the phone with those people. And then ‘those people’ usually can’t sell their house, so they wind up listing with an agent.
This costs them BIG BUCKS – for commissions, closing costs, fees, etc.

    But what if you could show/educate them on how much money they’ll LOSE by going that route (which 90%+ of sellers do)?!
What if you could help them realize that there’s a much better, easier, and faster way for them to sell their house?
Do you think that might possibly help you do more business, help more people, buy more houses, and do more deals?

    Yeah, I thought so. Best of all, this new tool is absolutely FREE! That’s right. No charge to use it… as long as you’re a member on our site.

    Shoot, I even made a full Tutorial Video for you, so that you can learn exactly how to use it to its full potential.

    Ready to check it out? Great. Go here: Cost To Sell Net Sheet Script & Form.

2. The Market

    At the time I’m writing this, we’re heading into September. School has already started in many counties around the country, and will be starting very soon in the remaining ones. We all know that spring & early summer are usually the HOT (pun intended) months/time for hungry buyers to scoop up those properties in the great school districts. Things usually COOL OFF in the fall (another pun intended). But with the interest rates remaining LOW, we just don’t really know what will be happening.

    However, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t PLENTY of motivated home sellers out there who would benefit tremendously from selling their houses with TERMS.

    Your JOB: Is to generate as many leads as you can, then prescreen those leads by having someone (You, VA, staff) get a Lead/Property Information Sheet filled out.
This will help you start to identify who are the Suspects, Prospects, and Projects (as I define them in THIS ARTICLE).
Then you’ll follow up by having a nice Closing Call (script/form provided in that link).

WARNING: Recession/Correction Ahead!
It’s really not a question of IF, but WHEN the next BIG market ‘correction’ occurs. Hopefully, it won’t happen for a while. But it will happen. There are just too many signs, too much debt, and several things in place that are pointing that way.
So… what do we DO about it? Well, we can’t stop it. But we CAN be ready for it. Gather your cash. Be very smart about where you put it. And have as much of it ready so that you can take advantage of the low market prices that will surely happen eventually.
Remember that when there’s blood in the street and the skies are raining chaos, there is SO MUCH opportunity.
Be prepared to use Lease Options, ACTS, Subject-to, and everything else we can put into place to at least CONTROL as many properties as you can.
Why? Because people are always going to need a place to LIVE, right?

I’ll be writing about a very lucrative and irresistible opportunity that you’d better NOT ignore very soon. This opportunity is a cash flow cow.
So keep your eyes open and your membership up to date!

3. State of Illinois Passes a Nasty New Law Aimed at Wholesalers

    Let’s face it, politicians are idiots and assholes. Especially when it comes to real estate. While they think that they might mean well, they almost always f*** things up so bad, and they usually wind up shooting themselves in the foot – especially their own communities that they purport to represent.

    Remember Dodd-Frank? Remember the anti-investor foreclosure laws? That last one actually started in Maryland of all places, which was where I was living and making an absolute killing by helping people with short sales at the time. Then…BOOM! New law passed. Can’t help these people any more…unless you’re an attorney or real estate agent (guess who wrote those laws?). Had to change my business overnight.

    But it happens. And we have to adjust. Let’s just hope that this stupid new law does NOT spread to other states.

    What’s in this new law? Well, I’ve got you covered. Not only am I going to supply you with a LINK to the new law so that you can read it for yourself if you like (and if you’re bored). I’m also going to give you Ron’s take/opinion on it! You see, I personally forwarded it to him (shout out to my cool student Damian Jensen from Kansas City for supplying it to me).

First, here’s a link to the new Illinois Law.

Next, here is Ron’s reply:

Below you will find my interpretation of the so-called nasty looking new law, as you call it.

Start on page 2 and you will see section 5-20 is being changed. This means they marked out a few words as you will see.

Now go to page 14 and see the definition of a person which includes any entity or human.

Now go to page 25 in section 5-20 (1) and you will see the exemption to the entire law is anyone who owns or leases the property. That means if we take title or lease it from the seller we are exempt from the entire law. However it also means that assignment of contracts apparently will be outlawed on January 1.

That would only affect wholesaling but not not ACTS as long as they have a lease from seller and sublease to buyer before assigning new lease back to seller.

You may pass this email along to any of your students or anyone else you wish but please note, this is my opinion, I am not an attorney. I will be covering this in all future boot camps especially the one in Chicago this year. Suggest any of you that train do the same. All our mentors should have this information on hand and the link to the law available to send to anyone who inquires or anyone who is not aware of the law in Illinois. They should be told to seek their own counsel. But when you read the items above I think you will easily see I am correct.


…and there you have it! This should give you some things to ‘chew’ on so that you may be more informed (if you do business in IL).

    I would also expect that we will have more updates on this soon, as we get closer to the time it takes effect.
By the way, this is one reason why it’s important to be informed & involved with politics, as disgusting as that idea may be to most of us.
    If we don’t stand up and beat these idiot politicians down, who will? These people think that they know better than us how to live our lives & run our businesses, and want to control almost everything about our society – especially how we do business.  Sadly, there ARE a few idiots out there who do things wrong and screw things up for everyone. But THOSE are the people who should be tarred & feathered, then run out of town or locked up…NOT everyone else.  But I digress…

4. Technology

     It’s no secret. The right technology is a GAME CHANGER. And if you’re not at least keeping up with technology, you’re falling behind – faster and faster.

     The way we generate leads and do business now in real estate has changed – DRAMATICALLY – over just the past few years. Those changes are seeming to be permanent. So you’ve GOT to keep up if you want to get ahead. Read. Watch videos (the right ones – NOT cat videos lol). Push yourself to get some new skills.

Here’s a Few More Tech Tips For You:

  • Zillow is doing a LOT to dominate things now. I might have to release a new training video soon on that.
  • Be sure to check out the Next Door app – get it on your phone.
  • When selling houses, you’ll HAVE to use Facebook Marketplace. Great way to generate leads – for FREE!
  • Speaking of Facebook, we’ll have to discuss the use of Facebook ADS soon…
  • You might also want to check out the DealMachine app for marketing to sellers.
  • I’m currently working on the second iteration of my powerful Real Estate Prospector Software. More on that later.

    If you have Ron’s DREAMS system, be sure to start using it to help you automate a lot of the follow up process. It’s actually quite powerful with all the things it can do. There’s a ton of training videos on there, so if you love technology & have a little time, check it out & use it yourself. Then you can hire and outsource it to someone else. If you can barely turn your computer on, you should have someone else do all that stuff for you.

    …So there you have it! We’ve covered quite a few things in this post, and I hope you got a lot out of it.

    I hope you take a little time to play with some of the updates I’ve made here for your benefit. I’m looking forward to the first person to send me a video or audio message using that cool new tool I just added!

    I also hope that you use the new Cost to Sell Net Sheet Form with sellers. It will really help them realize how much it costs them to sell their house the traditional way (which 90%+ of FSBO sellers wind up doing). Won’t work with everybody, but it WILL work with some! You’ll see.

    I feel for you if you do business in Illinois, but it’s important to be informed & prepared for the laws that are coming. It’s also great that we have a man like Ron on our side to keep us ahead.

    The market will eventually be changing, big time. So keep learning. Keep applying what you learn. And be ready for the next market correction so that YOU can create massive wealth for yourself & your family, while everyone else runs away with their tails between their legs.

    Be sure to keep up with the technology. Because your competition surely is! And check out those tips I gave you. Good stuff!

    Finally, I just finished attending Ron’s Quick Start Boot Camp event this past week (14-17 August 2019) in my original hometown of Silver Spring, MD. It was great to meet some of my existing students, as well as meet the awesome NEW batch of students I’ll be working with!  I also had some wonderful dinners with Ron, the Wolffs, and Jay & Carol Joy Conner. Shoot, I even drove Ron to the airport on Friday night. It’s great to be a part of this family.

    Thanks for reading. I hope you got a lot out of this post. PLEASE leave your comment below!

Talk to you soon,

Tony Pearl


Student Q&A: Bandit Signs & Paying for Leads

    For today’s post, I thought I’d take a moment to share a question I got from a successful student, along with the answer I gave him!
This question is regarding marketing via bandit signs, as well as how to pay people who bring you leads.

    Since I thought this information would benefit many people who will be reading this, I’ve decided to share both the question & answer.
Do you like this format? Would you like to see more like this?
Great – I invite your feedback at the bottom of this page!

    Without any further delay, let’s get to those questions…

    Ryan G., from Washington State, asks…

Hi Tony,

I have people that have wanted to let me put a sign in their window. Here are the 2 challenges I ran into: 
1. Cost to install signs. I need tips to make and install signs more affordably. 
2. Alternative payment ideas. Ron says pay $10 per lead sheet. That is one idea. I think the guy from Mobile bandit signs pays a percentage of the deal. 
Can you give me some ideas for executing?
–Ryan G.
Broker / Investor


Thanks for your questions!
Let me answer them for you…

1. Putting up signs in people’s windows.
Awesome! Glad you have people who are willing to do that.
I assume you’re talking about homeowners, not businesses, right?
Doesn’t matter. My advice here will be the same.
And my thoughts here may be different than what you’d expect – or what you’d get elsewhere.
To keep the costs LOW and the results HIGH, I suggest following the simple tips I give you about where to get your signs and what to put on them in my report here:
Badass Bandit Sign Secrets (link)

Why use handwritten signs, as opposed to fancy ones?
Good question. Read why in my post here:
Ugly Is The New Pretty

Both of those links are on this site.

The Basic Take-Away Answer To Your Question:

    *Use plain, blank yellow signs and hand write your message on them with a black, fat-tip Sharpie pen.
Put the signs up in the windows, making sure they can be seen by traffic.
Keep your message simple with a Headline, Arouse Interest, and have a Call To Action (call your number).
Again, the reason why this works is explained in that post.

If You Want to Put Up Signs In/On Cars (aka “Mobile Bandit Signs”):

    For this, you can get a little pretty. When we’re driving, we can’t help but to look at people’s signs, as long as they stick out in some way.
You’ll need a company that does vehicle graphics. These are easily found by doing a Google search for ‘vehicle graphics.’

The basic options here are to either put on a removable magnetic sign, a removable vinyl sign, or have the car wrapped with vinyl signs.

    The vinyl signs can be put on doors or windows, but be sure to not block the driver’s vision and remain compliant with your state’s laws.
Obviously, the magnetic signs are only able to be placed on the body of the car (best on doors), not the windows.

Here are a couple examples of companies who can do this for you:

  1. – Vehicle Graphics
  2. – Vehicle Graphics & Car Wrapping


2. How Much to Pay People Who Bring You Leads?
This is a good question that invites a good discussion…

Consider the options:
a. You can pay them per lead submitted.
Ex: $5-$10 per lead sheet submitted; $15 if it includes comps & pics; $20-$25 if it includes comps, pics, AND they’ve spoken with the seller to get everything filled out (full PI sheet).
b. You can pay them a fixed amount based on what happens with the lead.
Ex: If you buy the house, you pay them $250 or $500.
c. Hybrid of both.
Ex: Pay them $10-$20 up front PLUS a percentage of the deal when it closes.

I personally like this model:
    When you find the right person/people, pay them something up front, because everyone wants to get paid as quickly as possible.
This will help them stick to you/increase retention.
You MUST give them feedback for the leads they submit!!
It shouldn’t take too long to train them on what you’re looking for, and where.

    A lot of people (most) will crap out in a short time. Expect it.
Those that stick around can be rewarded by giving them incentive to continue providing leads – so once they’ve proven themselves, THEN you can pay them a piece of the deal. I suggest you start with a fixed amount (Ex: $250 for the first 2 deals), then move them up to more (Ex: $500 for a while).
If they’re exceptional and continue to do a great job for you (rare), you may consider making them your full-time acquisitionist.
However – only make them a true acquisitionist if they’re really qualified!

    Remember that an acquisitionist will not only procure leads & deals for you, they’ll also be meeting with sellers, getting paperwork signed, and other important activities.  They will often be the ‘face’ of your business & represent you. Therefore, they’ll need to look good and dress well, they’ll need to speak properly and communicate effectively. They’ll also need to have writing and computer skills.
It’s been my experience that not many of the people who function as a bird dog for you and provide those leads have the rest of those skills.

    But you may always entice people who work for you by telling them that there are opportunities for advancement.
So if someone is not a good writer or good on the computer, but they can produce leads AND manage people, you can have them be a ‘crew manager’ by managing other bird dogs for you. And this opens up all kinds of other possibilities that we don’t have time to get in to here.
Hint: Performance-based Incentives!

    Finally, keep in mind the old adage, “Good help is so hard to find.”
Very true. But keep your eyes open and continue to let the word get out that you’re offering opportunities in real estate, and you’ll be amazed at who comes a-knocking. Once they show interest, you should have a process by which you discover their talents, interests, and availability.
Then go from there.

    Hope this advice helps you out, and let me know if you have any further questions.



Did you know…?  I’ve recently created a special page on my site called “Ask Tony,” which is exactly what it sounds like.
If you have a question that you think would benefit other people to get the answer to, 
Click on that link!
Please leave your FEEDBACK to this article below (scroll down)…
  • June 19, 2019

Deal or No Deal? Which Leads Should I Pursue?

    Today’s Tip: How Do We Know What IS or ISN’T a Potential Deal?

Good question, right? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article, so keep reading…

I recently had another student ask me that familiar question, “Tony, here are some details of a lead. Should I talk to them? Is this a possible deal or not?”
Since I’ve been asked this question more times than I can count, I thought I’d tackle that exact issue right here & now, for everyone’s benefit.

Here’s a typical scenario… You’re going through Craigslist, Zillow, or any source of FSBO leads. Or maybe your VA sent you a lead. Nothing out of the ordinary there, but then you see something a little ‘different’ than what you think you should normally expect. And then you wonder, “Is this even a viable lead? Should I call the seller? Or should I just let it go?”

For example: You see a really ugly house, and you’re looking for pretty houses. Or you see a really pretty house while you’re looking for ugly houses. Or you see a really cheap house while looking for higher-priced homes. Or you see a really expensive house when you’re really trying to find cheap houses. Or maybe you see that a house is being advertised for sale by another investor! Or maybe there’s a house with a motivated seller, but it happens to be listed (with an agent)!

    What To Do? What To Do!?!

    First, don’t freak out. These things happen. Like, literally, ALL the time! (Millenial speak for ‘this is a common occurrence’)

Next, remember what our essential ROLE is. We are (Cue the trumpets) PROBLEM SOLVERS!  Picture yourself arriving on the scene, hands on hips and cape on back, waving in the breeze (even if there isn’t one).  We get paid massive sums of money to provide solutions and FIX people’s problems.  In this other articleI talk about that very thing – how we are essentially looking for problems to solve in order to provide value to others & make money for ourselves in the process. I suggest you read it when you have the chance.

The downside of that is simply: If there’s no problem/issue to solve, we’re not going to have as strong a position to stand on to deliver value. Therefore, if someone doesn’t have much motivation or flexibility to sell their house, for example, we’re probably not going to be able to do business with them at that time.

For instance, if a seller honestly tells you that they don’t really care if they sell their house or not – that they’re just ‘curious & wanting to see what the market would be willing to pay for their house,’ then get the fuck off the phone immediately. You’re wasting your time, and no matter of skill or sweet-talking will ‘convince’ them to sell you their house on terms or a low enough price to do business!

This is why it’s SO important to be an effective PRE-Screener! So you can quickly identify who is worthy of your time or not.  Naturally, I’ll refer you to my article, “The Art of Prescreening” for more valuable information.

With all that in mind, let me now answer the question: “Should you call them or not?”
The answer: “How the hell should I know?!”
Just kidding! The real answer is: “Yes, you should probably call them. What have you got to lose?”

And here’s why:  Since you obviously don’t know what the heck is going on with them or their situation, you should go and FIND OUT! Why not call them up, channel your inner Columbo*, and ask a few questions to see what’s going on with them TO SEE IF YOU MIGHT BE ABLE TO DO SOMETHING TOGETHER!

*Columbo was a TV Show Police Detective. If you’re old enough, you’ll recognize the reference. If you’re too young, sorry!

In the most recent case of my cool student asking if he should call the seller or not, it was because the For Sale By Owner Seller was also an Investor!  Yes, I recognize that this may be confusing, because if you’re new or just don’t know any better, you might think that we shouldn’t talk to other investors, because they’re essentially doing the same thing we are, and we’d just be competing with them.

That’s the WRONG way to think! Why? Because other investors are just like US… They’re Businessmen (and women).  They’re simply looking for a solution to their house issue. They’re (usually) not emotionally attached to their house like many homeowners are. In addition to that, they “get” that we’re looking to possibly structure a deal that makes sense, too, and are often okay with sharing some of the profit of the property if we can bring some value to the table.  Truth be told, there are many times I actually prefer dealing with other investors over regular sellers, because of this fact.

For example, let’s say that you have several qualified tenant buyers you’re working with, but only one house to sell (or none!). You have a few people with healthy downpayment amounts, just ready for a house. But you don’t have another house to sell them! So what do you do? Well, one solution is for you to call up as many sellers as you can and try to work out a deal. Another possibility is to call another investor you happen to know and see if they have any deals they’re looking to get filled & can work out some terms with you. Maybe you can partner with them to get half the downpayment/option consideration if you bring the buyer to the table?

That’s just one creative example.  This exercise is meant to get you to think.

Let me share a quick story with you. Several years ago, I DID have a tenant buyer who had a sizable downpayment & was really interested in buying a house on a lease purchase in Washington, D.C. I contacted a FSBO seller who was not only an investor but also a real estate agent as well! Double yikes, right?! Wrong!  When I asked him what was going on with this deal, I found out that he just wanted to do something quick with the house & was more than happy to walk with only a $500 assignment fee. Since my tenant buyer had more than $10,000 to put down & I was all out of houses at the time, that was what we like to call a ‘no-brainer.’

So we got the deal done. Quickly & easily. Don’t you just love it when that happens? I know I do! 

Now as tempted as I am, I won’t discuss numbers as they relate to deals here in this article. If you’ve been sufficiently trained, you should know that stuff by now.  If you still need help in that department, you may just ask me. Who knows – maybe I’ll write another article here for you.

Instead, I’m going to focus on the concept of simply talking to people to find out what the problem/challenge/issue is, then finding a way to work together to solve that problem. From there, it’s merely a formality to work out the ‘numbers’ on the deal to everyone’s satisfaction.

Does that make sense?

So with that in mind, here’s the simple advice/tip I have for you today:

Network. Call people. Talk to sellers. Talk to investors. Call me crazy (you won’t be the first), but you can even talk to agents!! Contrary to popular opinion, they’re not (necessarily) the enemy! 

Would you believe that I actually did my very FIRST DEAL with the help of a veteran real estate agent?! It’s true! She actually helped me put together a smokin’ HOT Lease Purchase deal that converted to 100% owner financing after one year (after I had shown the sellers that I was a man of my word who did what I said & paid on time).

Remember that you’re looking for what the PROBLEM or the PAIN is. In every deal, we’re looking to either FIND, CREATE, or EXACERBATE a problem so that we may then solve it. And get paid to do so.

This problem may be something related to them, personally, such as a divorce, death in the family, job loss or relocation, or just being a tired landlord. Or it could be with the house, such as it needs too many repairs, or they owe too much & can’t cash out because no one wants to buy it for all cash/get a loan at a high price.

Still with me?

So there’s your somewhat simple take-away. You just don’t know what’s a deal or not until you actually gather the FACTS. It’s not just about the numbers, it’s about the SITUATION. What’s the problem? And can you find a way to solve that problem and get paid to do so?

All this and more will be revealed…

…When you simply pick up the phone and call them. Or talk to them in person, if they’re right there in front of you.

Get to be really GOOD at asking QUESTIONS to find out what’s really going on here.

Just like Columbo.    🙂


QUESTION:  Some of the biggest challenges I’ve noticed with mentoring people is the HUGE lack of sales, communication & negotiation skills. Too few people truly possess them. Due to this fact, as well as the glaring omission of true quality training that’s available in this space, I’m seriously considering putting together a course or some training to help teach you the secrets of How to Communicate, Persuade, Influence, and Sell people in a way that is fun, smooth, easy, and profitable.

If this is something that you might be interested in, please let me know by simply sending an email to: [email protected] with the subject “Sales Training Please!” and any questions, suggestions, or comments in the email.  If I get enough interest, I’ll do it…and it will incredible, because I have a LOT of super powerful secrets to teach here. Stuff that can massively change your life for the better, just as it has for me.
Again, if you’d like to see this, just send me the email now. Thank you!


  • February 7, 2019

Is there a Crash Coming? Latest Market News – December 2018

    Don’t Call Me “Chicken Little.” Not just yet. But maybe soon…

    In this Article/Post, I’m going to do something a little…different. I hope you like it.
In order to bring you as much value as I can, I’d like to share a few thoughts, observations, and instincts about what’s going on out there in the ‘real world,’ and how it relates to YOU.
Specifically, how YOU can potentially PROFIT and BENEFIT from what’s going on out there – EARLIER and easier than 99% of the general sleepwalking public.

    Is That OK With You? 🙂      Great…Let’s Get TO it!

    Listen, I’m starting to see some serious signs that the real estate market is beginning to COOL OFF.
New home sales are slowing way down. Existing homes sales are down. Inventory is starting to pick back up a bit in many markets across the country.
In addition to that, have you seen the stock market lately? What about the cryptocurrency markets?? At the time I’m writing this,

They’re all CRASHING!!

    Something you might not know about me is that I personally LOVE cryptocurrency, and have been investing heavily in it for some time now.
It’s made me a lot of $$. At the time I’m writing this, the prices we’re able to buy at are the lowest I’ve seen in a long time.
And you know what that means: Opportunity!  When it comes to investing, we must live by the 4-word axiom: Buy low, Sell high.

    If you know anything about Blockchain technology and what it represents to our future, you’ll naturally recognize the incredible opportunity we’re facing RIGHT NOW.  I’ve been continuing to buy as the prices have been falling. Yes, I’ll admit that my sphincter has puckered up every single time, but I’m still doing it.
    Of course, I’m NOT giving you any financial advice here. But if you want to see something truly interesting, just take a look at the cryptocurrency markets when you have the chance. Here’s a great place to get started.

    As far as real estate goes, GET READY.
Why do I say that? Because if things continue the way they’re going right now (down), and we start to see another housing crash soon (which I believe we just might), guess what?

    All those sellers that you’re talking to now that say they only want full price, all cash??
Yeah, you should start to see more people become flexible for how they sell their house as their motivation increases when the prices continue declining and the typical buyers become more and more picky.

    Please understand that I’m not a typical bean-counting research kinda guy.
In fact, when I was in school, I hated to do research! Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I had to go to the library and start digging through those index card files and reference things using the Dewey Decimal System! Remember that? If you’re older than 40, you probably do. If you’re younger than than and only know the internet, you’re spoiled and don’t even realize how good & easy you have it now. 🙂

    For that & many other reasons, I invite & encourage you to do your own research, if you like. Take a look at these charts & reports to get a good start…

New Home Sales:

Existing Home Sales:

    Do you remember the great real estate crash & worldwide market recession of 2007 & 2008?
Yeah, me too. In fact, I still remember it like it was yesterday. NOT a pleasant memory, is it?

Like many investors, it pretty much knocked me out of the game. For a few years!
For me, it was ok, because it truly humbled me & helped me become a better man and a better father. 

    But as they say, “Live & Learn.” And I tell you one thing:
If I could go BACK in time, I would have done things TOTALLY different than I did then!
First off, instead of shying away from the game, I would have run towards it.  
There was blood in the streets. People were in desperate situations and too many people lost their homes.
At the end of the day, the big banks were the only ones still standing, the bastards.

    Looking back, I would have bought MORE houses. Taken over debt. Utilize creative real estate techniques.
In short, DO this business the way we know how.

People will ALWAYS need a place to live, and you can always rent houses out to make that cash flow until the prices come back up enough for you to sell!

    By the way, if you haven’t seen it already, I TOTALLY recommend you watch the movie “The Big Short.”
This will give you some great perspective on things. Have you already seen it? Watch it again!

    A great question I occasionally like to ask myself & others is this:
“Knowing what I/you know now, what would I/you do DIFFERENTLY if you faced that same situation again today?”

    What would YOU do differently if you saw another upcoming housing market crash?
Would you do like most people today & just get out of real estate altogether?
Or would you see the incredible OPPORTUNITY that a crisis can represent?

    I don’t mean to sound like a cold-hearted bastard here, but remember this:
“Opportunity doesn’t ever go AWAY. It just goes to someone ELSE (if you don’t take it).”

    As Warren Buffet said, “When the market is greedy, be fearful. When the market is fearful, be greedy.”

    That means that IF the market does crash soon, there will be opportunities out there for you. Things will change. You’ve just got to be READY for them when they come.

Which now begs the question: HOW should you prepare yourself for this possibility?

    Abraham Lincoln said it best, “LUCK is what happens when opportunity meets preparation.

    Dirty Harry asked this great question, “Do ya feel lucky, Punk?”  Forgive my wacky sense of humor here.

    But seriously… If you want to get LUCKY, you’ve got to get yourself PREPARED and put yourself in a POSITION to benefit from what just might be happening and what might be coming soon.

    HOW? By continuing to LEARN and APPLY these creative real estate tactics. Get GOOD and READY to utilize Subject-to investing techniques. Sharpen your ax of knowledge on HOW to construct and present Owner Financing and Lease Purchase Deals!

    In other words, KEEP doing what you’re doing. Just do MORE of it. 

    That means – keep talking with sellers. Talk to at least 5 new people a day.
The TRUTH: MOST of them will say ‘No’ the first time they talk to you. That’s just how it is.

    So FOLLOW the F*** UP! Don’t just let ’em slide. Don’t just take their word for it. If it’s not a good fit for them for now, call them back later to see if they’ve sold their house yet. And when you do, just use my killer “Prepare to Follow-Up” Script (I just made that name up, but I kinda like it!):

    “Mr. Seller, it sounds like this might not be a good fit for us at this time, because you say that you only want full price, all cash, but I tell you what…
I’ve enjoyed talking with you today!” (if that’s true) “Why don’t I send you some more information so that you can get a better idea of what we’re able to do for you, and we can talk again in 2-3 weeks! How’s that sound?” 

    When they say yes, just get their email address & send them something to read that introduces you and gives them a few offers for their consideration!

    Need help making offers? Use my incredibly powerful & easy-to-use Fast Offer Generator!  (please pardon the plug!)

    Then set an appointment to follow up with them at a designated date & time. 

    Trust me (and all of us who are having success buying houses & doing deals) when I tell you that…

The Fortune is in the Follow-Up!

    If you simply do this consistently, and keep track of the results you’re getting, I can practically guarantee you the following results:

  • You’ll get BETTER at this…FAST!
  • You’ll gain more CONFIDENCE.
  • You’ll have a pipeline FULL of leads and deals.
  • You’ll do DEALS. And then you’ll do MORE deals.
  • You’ll start to notice that MORE people WANT to do business with you.
  • People will start talking about you & your reputation will grow. (hopefully in a good way lol)
  • Leads and Deals will start to come TO you, rather than you having to chase them.
  • You’ll be READY if/when the market crashes, and…
  • You’ll be ready if/when the market doesn’t crash!
  • You’ll have MORE disposable income. 

    WARNING: Side effects may include, but not be limited to: You might just get to be a shrewd mofo & become more of a successful asshole (like me!).  🙂

    In wrapping this up, I’d just like to say this disclaimer:
I don’t know if the market will crash or not. Shoot, no one does. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.
As always, time will tell.

    But I DO know this: I’d MUCH rather be prepared & ready than NOT be ready if and when it DOES crash.

    Wouldn’t you agree?  😉

    Oh, and if the market does crash, don’t blame Trump. It will NOT really be his fault, despite what the horrible, lying, corrupt, and disgusting mainstream media will no-doubt claim. The truth is that it will be the fault of the ones who always cause the suffering of mankind: The international banking cartels, and the so-called globalist ruling ‘elite’ who guide them.
But that’s a conversation for another day. 

    And finally – think about buying some Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency NOW, while it’s still on SALE, if you can. When the prices go way up (which they hopefully, probably will within the next few months), sell it off and make your money! Then rinse & repeat. (Disclaimer: A good rule of thumb is to only invest what you can afford to lose, so if you’re living paycheck-to-paycheck & barely getting by, this might not be for you right now. But if you’re in a position to do so, now would be a great time).

    Thanks for reading this special report. I hope you’ve gotten a lot out of it, and I hope it’s stimulated you to think about things a bit more. As always, I genuinely and truly encourage you to do what most other people don’t do: THINK for yourself! Stay awake while all around you are sleeping. And be prepared for the multitude of opportunities you encounter every day.

    Until Next Time, I remain…

    Your Humble Mentor,

Tony Pearl

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  • December 8, 2018