It’s the Zombievirus Apocalypse! Buy Toilet Paper.

“It’s The Zombievirus Apocalypse! Buy Toilet Paper,”
by Tony Pearl

    It all happened so fast…

    One day, everything is fine. People are working & we’re all living our lives as usual. The stock market is soaring. Jobs are high and unemployment is low. Then, seemingly overnight, the dominos begin falling. People start getting sick because of this mysterious new virus from China. Travel bans are put in place. Schools, businesses, restaurants, bars, gyms, libraries, and basically everything start closing. The government encourages everyone to stay & work from home, and a new buzzword is born: “Social Distancing.”

    The economy tanks, and people start buying…toilet paper???
If someone can please explain that to me, I’m all ears.

    While I completely understand that we need to exercise caution when needed, it seems like things have gotten completely crazy & the world has gone mad. March 2020 will forever be known as the time when #CancelCulture went HORRIBLY wrong.

“Never Underestimate the Stupidity of Mass Psychology.”

    Here’s an example of how dumb some people get when they panic: I’ve heard stories about people who are so stupid “mentally challenged” that they stopped buying/drinking Corona Beer. Why? Because they’re afraid of catching the Coronavirus! (face palm)
Just more proof that when emotions run high, intelligence runs low.

    So what should we do now, in the age of this pandemic shutdown and economic uncertainty?  Well, the first thing we shouldn’t do is panic. We’ll get better, eventually. In fact, I’m sure we’ll bounce back even stronger than ever at some point, and hopefully soon. Time will tell.

“Every Crisis Comes With An Equal or Greater Amount of Opportunity”

    How true. So look at this time as an opportunity. An opportunity to spend some quality time with your family & loved ones (who aren’t sick). Read some books. Binge a couple movies you’ve been meaning to see. Write something. Call some old friends to check up and catch up.  Plan your next moves. Write your goals & get started.

     Now that almost everyone has to work from home, I’ll predict that a lot will change going forward. More people will quickly recognize how easy and awesome it is to use technology to accomplish more from home than they do at work… If they don’t go crazy first!

    Here’s a few more predictions I have: More people will telework. Employers will probably start to realize that they can reduce their overhead expenses by having employees work from home at least part of the time. I think that’s a good thing. Less idiots on the road means less traffic. Maybe people will start to learn and develop more skills while they have this time off…After they’re done binging Netflix. Maybe more people will start a home-based business or side hustle. Time will tell. 

    So what should we do when no one can go to work or even leave the house? We reach out to people! We make more calls. We send out more text messages. If you’re talking to sellers who claim to want full price, all cash, great! Add them to the list and FOLLOW UP with them in 2-3 weeks, when the sky really starts falling. See how they feel then. Is it possible that they just might be a little more open-minded at that point? Remember that everyone’s mind will change with time and circumstance. And my oh my do we find ourselves in some crazy circumstances now, don’t we?

    When there’s blood in the streets and chaos is running rampant is when the best opportunities will be available. Look at every chaotic time in our history, and you’ll easily see people who made their fortunes then. Why can’t that be YOU?

    The last crash we had hurt a lot of people, but it also created tremendous wealth for those who were ready. Those who had cash were able to buy at huge discounts. Those who were creative were able to make deals when everyone else was wondering what to do.

The Next Wave is Coming. Get Ready.

    It’s sad to say, but the poop may be about to hit the fan. Grab your toilet paper and get ready, because this stupid virus has just provided us with the next wave of opportunity. People are already losing their jobs, and it’s probably going to get a lot worse before it starts getting better for a lot of fine folks. Many home sellers who really need to sell their houses suddenly won’t just be able to lazily list their house with an agent and sit back anymore while people fight to pay them too much money. Oh darn. 

    Where will the opportunities be in real estate? Probably: Buying subject to, buying for cash at the crash, and doing lease option deals. So GET READY!

    So that means that you should be able to buy more houses and do more deals, because the motivation levels will start climbing. So sharpen up your subject-to, your wraparound mortgage, and definitely your lease optioning skills. Because if things get as bad as they’re predicted to get, you’re going to need them. 

Now Is The Time…

    IF the economy continues its downward spiral. IF the fear and panic continue to spread the way it has been. And IF more people lose their jobs because of how things are going, then I believe we’re going to see the perfect storm unlike anything we’ve seen before. 

    Here’s what could possibly happen: House prices will start to stagnate, then quickly begin falling. People will start getting behind on their payments, and become more desperate to sell. All those hoity-toity sellers who want all cash today may just become the motivated sellers who are open to taking payments tomorrow when their houses still aren’t selling. Banks may start tightening things, because they may get scared that people aren’t able to pay. And more people who want to buy a house may instead have to look at renting or renting to own!

    So again – start getting busy TODAY. Start making those calls & sending out those texts TODAY so that you can have a brief conversation to get yourself on their radar, and FOLLOW UP (aka “F.U.”) within a week or two or three. Ok?

Leverage Technology to Make More Offers

    When times get tough, the ones who survive and thrive are the ones who get creative. If people are scared to go out, why not use technology to pump out more offers? For instance, have you heard of Docusign or Hellosign? These are powerful platforms where you can upload a Standard Purchase & Sales Agreement, edit the parts you want, and indicate the areas where you need people to sign. Then you simply email it out and get your prospects to sign the agreement right there from the comfort of their computer!

    All you need to get a deal going is a signed Purchase & Sales Agreement or Lease Option Agreement, and those are totally fine to have digitally signed. You don’t even need to see the stinkin’ house! TIP: After you get an agreement signed, you’ll want to do your due diligence, and get someone to take fresh pictures of the house. 

    Of course, we also have to look at the possibility that this whole thing could blow over quickly, everything starts reopening, and we continue on as if nothing ever happened. You never know!

Now For Some Laughs…

All right. Let’s take a little break from all this serious & scary Zombievirus talk and have a few laughs together, shall we?
Here’s a few funny things for you to consider:

  • At open houses, Realtors are asking prospective buyers, “can you imagine yourself being quarantined here?”
  • Some people are putting on Hazmat suits to go grocery shopping.
  • Possible theory on why so many people are buying toilet paper: Because when someone sneezes, everyone around them craps their pants!
  • In other news, Chuck Norris was exposed to the Coronavirus… Now the Coronavirus is in quarantine for 14 days!
  • Houses that have been toilet papered are now selling for $5,000 more! 🙂
  • I’m thinking about testing this headline for running ads: “Get a FREE Pack of Toilet Paper When You Sell Me Your House.”  Think it will work? 

Wrapping It Up

    All kidding aside, I hope you, your friends, and your family all get through this Pandemic COVID-19 thing safely and you stay healthy. I also hope you not only survive but THRIVE by using some of the thoughts & ideas here in this special article and elsewhere. 

    Just make sure you wash your hands a LOT. Especially if you didn’t find any toilet paper!   LOL


Until Next Time,
Tony Pearl

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