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Notice: This is the ADVANCED Lead Submission Form!
After you submit your lead here, you’ll be taken to the Lead SELLING Form, so be sure to keep the seller on the phone after you click ‘Submit’ here!

Please Use the Form on This Page to Submit Your Leads!
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In order to best serve you, I’ve created a much easier way for you to send me your leads for evaluation. This is an essential part of your mentoring. Without leads to evaluate, we can’t make offers. If we don’t make offers, we’re not making money.

This form I’ve created is SWEET! Powerful, too. It’s designed so that you may use it to call your leads yourself (act as your own VA) OR enter the info you get back from your VA.
I’ve used what’s called ‘Conditional Logic,’ which is a fancy term that means the questions will change based on the information you give. Try it & you’ll see!

I’ve shown this form to Ron & he LOVED it!

Please be as thorough as you can. Some sections REQUIRE you to answer a question in order to unlock the next questions.
When you submit the lead, we will each get an email with the information you enter.

This will give me an opportunity to see what we’re working with in order to help you analyze, construct, and present an appropriate offer strategy!

YOUR Information (Who's filling out this form?)


Main Information (Fill Out Before You Call)


Property Information

    Script: "Hi! I'm calling about the house I saw advertised for sale! Is it still available?" (Y/N)

  • About the House


Financing Information - ESSENTIAL! Must choose to unlock next questions!

    "Ok, it sounds like your house is one we'd be interested in!"

  • Act as if you EXPECT them to give you the answer, yet seem CURIOUS about it.
  • (IF THEY RESIST, SAY): "Well, the reason I'm asking is because it's important for us to know how much you still owe on the house so that we can give you the best possible offer. We can pay cash or pay more with some terms! So...how much do you still owe?"




"Great, well let me ask you something..."

    "If we can agree on a price, offer to pay the closing costs & take responsibility for all future repairs..."

  • Only exception is if you have a real estate agent you're working with that you can refer them to & make some $$ from it.

Closing the Call

  • **Please Link to Call or Upload Audio**





  • **This section is designed to help you overcome their concerns & objections. Use these scripts whenever you need them.**

    IF THEY SAY THIS: "Are you a Realtor/an Agent/a real estate agent/calling to try to list my house/etc.?"

  • "No, I'm not a Realtor/real estate agent! You're probably getting a lot of calls from agents, aren't you?" (let them answer) "I'm actually calling as a potential buyer, so can I go ahead & ask you a few questions now?" *GO BACK TO WHERE YOU WERE*
  • IF THEY SAY THIS: "Why do you need to know my mortgage information?"

  • IF they still don't understand & you need to expand on it even more:
    "Ok, we're looking to possibly buy your house as an investment, not to live in it, and there are actually many different ways we can buy houses. Sometimes we pay cash and many times we can pay more if we're able to work out terms together. But in order to make you an offer that makes sense & doesn't waste our time, we need to get some basic financial information, and that includes knowing what the existing loan payoff amount is. So - about how much do you still owe?"
    IF THEY STILL DON'T ANSWER, SAY GOOD-BYE. IT'S NOT WORTH IT. Call the next one on your list.
  • IF THEY SAY THIS: "Who are you?/Are you calling from a call center?/Are you reading a script?/What company are you with?/What do you want?/What are you trying to do?/etc.?"

  • "Well, to be honest, I'm actually calling on behalf of my boss. He asked me to call you because he's interested in buying your house. He's not an agent or anything like that. He just wanted me to ask you a few specific questions, and depending on the answers you give, he'll call you back to make an offer on your house, ok?"
  • IF THEY SAY THIS: "Who is your boss?/What does your boss do?/Why did you boss have you call me?/etc."

  • "Wow-I'm glad you asked me that! My boss is really a great guy, because he helps people just like you to save money from paying expensive real estate agent fees & commissions by buying your house directly from you. He has some really interesting programs that will probably help you get what you want without costing you anything! I'm sure you have more questions, but to be honest, it would be best to talk directly to him about it after I'm done asking you a few more questions, ok?"
  • IF THEY SAY THIS: "I'm not interested in owner financing/I just want to sell my house the 'regular' way/I'm not interested in anything like that..."

  • "Got it! You know, NAME, a lot of other people that we've helped felt the exact same way when we first talked with them. But what they found out was that by dealing with us, they were able to get the easiest and fastest sale possible of their house...and many of our clients actually MADE a lot more money by selling to us than anything else they could have done! ...Now, I'm sure you have questions, right?" ANSWER "And we'd like to answer your questions! So why don't I just ask you a few more things to see if this is even a possibility for us, then I can have Tony talk to you and explain how this works a little better...is that fair?"
  • IF THEY SAY THIS: "When do you want to come out and look at the house?"


  • (NOTE: If they're an investor, it truly does change things. There would be no need to continue asking all the usual questions. Just get their contact info, thank them & move on.)
  • IF THEY SAY THIS: "I just don't understand why you need that information" (or anything like that)

  • If they answer YES, reply, "then let me just ask you a few simple, confidential questions, and we'll answer any questions YOU have when we call you back, ok?" If they answer "No," or say something stupid, then say, "Ok, listen, this is probably not going to work for either of us. I wish you a good day & good luck selling your house. Take care!"

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OPTIONAL: IF you don’t want to use this lead submission form and would rather use the old-school way, you may DOWNLOAD the Lead Submission Form Here.
You’ll then need to print it out, write everything on it, then scan & email or take a picture & send it to me.

That’s why I request & suggest you use the form on this page instead, because it’s better, faster, and easier! 🙂