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Before you get started, I’d first like to make sure that you fully understand what you have in your hands with this incredible program.

So I’ve set up this fun, simple Quiz for you to take first!
Once you’ve successfully passed the quiz, you’ll be taken to the next page to book our call and get started.
You MUST pass this quiz in order to proceed.  Don’t worry – it’s fun & easy!  🙂

Good Luck! (You’ll get instant feedback and your score at the end)

Mentor Quiz

Now that you've watched the Mentor Program Explanation Video, please take this quiz to make sure you were paying attention! 🙂

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Don't worry - I've made this a FUN Quiz (if there is such a thing). Take your time and fill this out the best you can. It's just multiple choice. Easy!
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READY? Here we GO!!
What is a feature of the Mentor Program?
How long does a mentor call last?
What MUST be turned in BEFORE each Mentor Call?
WHY does the Weekly Report need to be turned in before our mentor calls?
HOW do I turn in my Weekly Report?
HOW do we meet up for the mentoring calls?
How & when do I get your Conference Call line info, Tony?
What do I do if I have a question between our mentor calls?
What is Tony's big Request for when I send an email question?
How long does Tony have to reply to my emails?
Why does Tony have this website?
WHO is responsible for my success in this business?
What do I do if I get stuck talking to a seller, but think there might be a deal there?
What do I do if I have a HOT lead that can't wait?
What do I do when I have a seller meeting scheduled?
How do I prepare contracts? Do I have any support?
What is another cool feature of the Mentor Program?
Will I make mistakes in this program? Or in life?
What is the purpose of this program?
Am I guaranteed to do deals while I'm getting mentored?
What is a tool that you recommended I get for our calls?
What do I do after I pass this quiz?
From Tony: Did you enjoy this quiz?