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30 Day Quick Start Plan, Day 2

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented in a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your lead flow begins immediately, which is the most critical thing you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Day 2:

  • Go to PatLive.com/RonLeGrand (OR Answer America) and set up an account to receive inbound calls from both buyers and sellers. Use the scripts in your Quick Start manual for both. Sellers script is on page 55 at the time I’m writing this, but be sure to check your manual for the exact locations of your scripts. For buyers, Ron suggests using the buyer’s script that captures downpayment and monthly payment. You must tell PatLive exactly how to answer the phone and which scripts to use. Make a note to call them the following day to verify the scripts are set up correctly. They have agreed to waive the $149 setup fee if you use Ron’s name. Don’t forget to be issued five local phone numbers for use in your marketing as you’re setting up your plan. There’s no extra cost. 
    UPDATE: If you’re on a budget & will build as you go, you may want to check out Answer America’s live answering service and scale up. This way, you can start for a fraction of the cost and add PatLive later. 😉
  • As soon as you get a phone number from PatLive, contact your VA and have her start running ads on all the sites we use. Tell your VA to keep the ads current. Be sure to use one of the numbers in your online ad and direct the call to PatLive. Use this number for no other use so you can track the calls from your ads.
  • Call 5 FSBO ads from any site and complete the property information sheet yourself followed by the appropriate script if you get a yes answer to A or B on the property information sheet. Record your calls. This is critical for you to correct mistakes. Do not eliminate this step. I want you to see what the VA goes through to get sellers on the phone and get the information you are paying a very small amount of money to get others to do.  You need the practice and the recordings to correct your mistakes on the phone. You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broke.
    For more information on HOW to record your calls, check out THIS ARTICLE.
  • NOTE: You may use my Lead Property Info Sheet that doubles as a script for talking to sellers! This is a convenient feature that I’ve lovingly built just for my students. Click Here to get access to this sheet. This is only for YOUR use in your business.
    Do NOT direct Ron’s VAs to use my sheet. They have their own.
  • NOTE: If you prefer, you may also use that page to download Ron’s PI sheet. I’ve made it available as a regular pdf file AND a fillable pdf!
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAY 2!—

  • August 19, 2018