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Websites for FSBO Research

Here is a handy list of websites to use when searching for
For Sale By Owner listings!

    In this Post, I have a PHENOMENAL set of resources to share with you. Here, you’ll have a TON of places you can quickly go to find all the For Sale By Owner houses you can handle. I’m also giving you some great Pro Tips you can use to get you going FAST.

    One of the things I always advocate for my students is for you to start off by gathering all the leads of FSBO houses you can for FREE or for CHEAP. Use these to practice and develop the essential skills you need in this business. Take the profits from the first deal(s) you do to begin to pay for the tools that will make your life easier. And invest in the marketing to help you scale your business up. In other words, I suggest that you bootstrap your business – have it pay for itself so that you can grow as it does. This will help you avoid throwing good money after bad at things & wondering where all your money went. Just trying to look out for you. Sound good? Ok…

    Here’s How to Use all This Info:

    First, you’ll check out the list of websites I provide for you below.
You’ll want to open up the Lead Tracking Spreadsheet to stay organized & track all the leads you gather here.
If you have a VA, you can forward these FSBO house leads to your VA for them to contact.
If you don’t have a VA, or if you want to get a JUMP-START on things, then you’ll want to open the PI Lead Script in another tab in your browser and be ready to contact the homeowners of the houses you’ll easily find on this list.
If they look decent, you’ll conduct a Closing Call and seek to make an appointment to go buy their house. If not, you can either “Whack ’em” or follow up later (sending materials/offers is optional).

    Ok, are you ready for the list? Great! Here we go…

Old, outdated sites were removed/replaced.

The List of FSBO Websites:

Laptop1And there you have it!

That list should keep you busy for a while.  Remember to use the proper search features that most of the websites on this list have.

Target the area, the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, and you can play around with the price ranges if you like.
We’re looking for at least 3+ bedrooms & 2+ bathrooms… and I suggest at least 1,000 square feet.

Be sure to TRACK your leads somehow. I suggest just using the Lead Tracking Sheet I provide.

Good luck & have fun!

PRO TIP: Ok, you COULD work yourself silly & go to all those sites to manually search for everything…OR you could take a shortcut…

Wait…What If There Was An EASIER Way?

    There is! And here’s your shortcut (use this): https://yourrealestatecourse.com/secret
That site will hand-feed you leads every single day.
AND you’ll be able to go back as far as 3 months to find all the possible FSBO leads in your chosen area.
AND you can target the specifics of what you’re looking for (beds, baths, sq. ft., price, etc.)
AND there’s a FREE 14 Day Trial just to check it out.

So why are you still reading this? Go to this link now & get started!

PRO TIP: I Can’t Resist sharing the Good Stuff with you! So here’s another KILLER TIP I have for you…
Be sure to take a look at the FOR RENT listings on sites. And when you’re driving around.
Why rentals? Because many times, these people would rather SELL their house, but they just haven’t been able to do so yet for whatever reason. PLUS, they’re not living in the house, so they’re not as inclined to be as emotionally attached or have the same circumstances as most home sellers.
These could be the perfect fit for them to sell on terms. Or Lease Purchase the property to you.

With that in mind, I have another GREAT RESOURCE to find these rentals automatically every day!
Click HERE to go to another Secret Site for For RENT By Owner listings!


    And with that, you now have more than enough to keep you busy and have your machine fed for a WHILE.
Go check these resources out, and let’s do some deals!


-Tony Pearl


  • November 18, 2016