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“The Joy of Text, Part 2: What NOT to Do When Texting”

STOP! Did You Read Part ONE of This Article Yet?

    Before you continue, I’d like to first direct you to Part One of this article.
It’s titled, “The Joy of Text: How to Get Deals With Your Cell Phone”   
(Click that link to read it if you haven’t already).

    In THAT article, we discussed WHY you must use the greatest tool you have available to you now to easily and quickly contact all the sellers of houses that you want to contact, for FREE. I also gave you a quick and extremely effective text “conversation” you can use to establish contact, introduce yourself, find out their name, if the house is still available, and if they’re the owner or not. 

    Do you remember the reason WHY we want to first TEXT a seller, rather than call them? It’s because hardly anyone is answering their phone when an unfamiliar number calls them. Do YOU answer your phone all the time if it’s a number you don’t recognize? I didn’t think so. Of course, you can always hit them with the 1-2 punch, where you first call, THEN text when they don’t answer if you want to, and if you have the time. But that’s up to you. 

    So, in THIS article, we’re going to discuss the other side of things: What NOT to do when texting a seller. Note that these ideas will still translate over to what not to do when texting with a buyer, private lender, or anyone you want to do business with. Just apply a little common sense & you’ll be fine.

    If you follow this advice here, you’ll avoid making the stupid mistakes most newbies make. You’ll avoid losing out on those deals you would have lost if you had not known what you’re about to learn. Ok? Ok! Here we go…

Before We Begin, Here’s a Funny Video For You!
Warning!: Profanity & drug use in here. But it’s funny as hell and introduces some CONTEXT about how easily Text Messages can be misinterpreted, even among friends. Enjoy this!


What NOT To Do in a Text Conversation

    Now that you have some ideas about how to initiate a text conversation, it’s vitally important to know what NOT to do, right? And in order to keep this fun and light, while at the same time sharing these very valuable tips with you, I’ve made this handy…
TOP TEN LIST of What NOT to Do When Texting!

    10. Don’t Have Full Conversations Via Text. To begin, let me just say that 99% of the time, you should AVOID having full conversations by text if you can possibly help it.  You will be taking away your greatest weapon if you do that. I’ll get to that in a moment.  Of course, there are occasionally going to be people who insist on only communicating via text due to whatever beliefs or limitations they may have (such as being at work and not able to talk at the time). If that’s all they can do that’s all they can do, but do the BEST you can to avoid that from happening.

    Instead, keep your texts as BRIEF as possible. Remember that I recommend having only 3-5 “volleys” of messages before you take it to the next level: Getting them on the phone.

    9. Do NOT Try to “Sell” Them Via Text. Don’t tell them about your fancy programs and why they’re so great or why they should do them with you. They won’t get it, and they won’t care. At least not yet. Remember that you first have to qualify them, and that’s best done on the PHONE, not by text.

    8. Don’t Answer All Their Questions. Usually, the more more questions they ask, the more they’re trying to pre screen you, as opposed to the other way around (the way it should be). Instead, do your best to get them on the phone as quickly as possible so that you can have a proper conversation. Tell them “I just have a couple quick questions to ask you, and it’s best to do that over the phone. When do you have a minute?”

    7. Don’t Over-Complicate Things!  Always remember that a confused mind says NO. We don’t get paid with “no.” So don’t confuse people. Keep it SIMPLE! 

    6. Don’t say “Lease Purchase.” Remember that 99% of the time, you’re usually texting someone who just owns a house and doesn’t understand WTF a ‘lease purchase’ is in the first place!  While I understand the need to pre-screen someone to find out if they’d be open to doing something a bit creative, it’s usually best to avoid doing that here.

    But if you feel you have to, you can instead ask if they’d consider “renting for a little while and then selling?” Again, I’d recommend that you reserve doing that when you have them on the phone.

    5. Don’t say “Owner Financing.” Pretty much the same thing that was just said in the previous paragraph will also apply here. Most sellers really don’t understand the many benefits of how owner financing works, and they’re usually brainwashed by society to believe that they have to or only want all their money when they close on the sale of their house.

     For that reason, it’s best to not mention these words in a text message, and instead reserve discussing this possibility on the phone. But again, if you feel you must, consider using these words instead: “Would you consider taking payments for a little while until I can get you cashed out?” You’ll find that those words work a lot better. 🙂

    4. Don’t Write Long, Drawn-Out Messages.  I’ve had the pleasure and honor of coaching and mentoring a lot of people. When they finally realize that reaching prospects by text messaging freakin’ WORKS to get people to respond and engage with them, they do something understandable: They take massive ACTION.

    But then the student tells me that they’re having problems, or that some people aren’t responding to their messages. So when I ask them to share what they’re texting, I can quickly see WHY they’re not getting good results…

    It’s because they’re violating the rules! They’re writing long & confusing explanations of everything they’re trying to do. That’s a MAJOR NO-NO. So instead, here’s what you SHOULD do:
Keep it Simple, just like I wrote above in #7.

    3. Don’t Tell Them Too Much.  If you’re trying to explain or write too much by text, it hardly ever works out well. 

    Instead, ASK simple QUESTIONS. Very brief and to the point. For example, “Is your house still available?” “What’s your name?” “Are you the owner?” “Can you talk today, or would tomorrow be better?”

    I’m telling you, by asking simple questions, the prospect is practically compelled to answer. This leads to more engagement, which leads to more rapport, which leads to more chances of success! Try it, you’ll see.

    2. Don’t Close By Text.  I’m not saying that it’s impossible to close someone by text message, but chances are really stacked against you…especially in the beginning. The more you do this, the better you get. But as a general rule, you’re much better off to OPEN by text, and CLOSE by phone.

    1. Don’t Think That Someone Can Understand Your Tonality.  Did you watch that video of the 2 friends texting each other on this page? Then you’ll fully understand what I’m saying here. Words can be easily misunderstood when texting! And there’s no way someone can “hear” your tonality!

For THIS AND ALL the reasons I’ve listed here, HERE’S the BIG TAKEAWAY from this post…

    DO use text messages to establish contact with someone, then OPEN and warm them up a bit so that you can get them on the phone to have a PROPER conversation.

    Once you have them on the phone, you can use the magic & powerful weapon you have: Your VOICE! And if you’ve been reading my articles, posts, and various writings, you know I talk about how to properly use your voice a lot.

      Now kindly allow me to punch you right in the face and GIVE you the essential, proven cold text message conversation you can use when first reaching out to a seller with a house for sale. I had given this to you before, but we’re going to keep it short & sweet here, ok?

Here’s The Cold Text Message Conversation You Can Model:

YOU: “Hi! Is the house you’re selling at [ADDRESS] still available?”
YOUGreat! My name is YOUR NAME. What’s your name?
THEMThey reply with their name.
YOUNice to meet you, NAME. Are you the owner?
THEMYes (or no).
YOU: Ok. When you do have 5 minutes to talk?
THEM: They answer
…and you set a time to talk!

    When you get them on the phone, guess what you do?  Get the Lead Property Information Sheet filled out!
Using a VA? No problem. Set an appointment for them to follow up for you if you like.

    So there you have it! Now that you know what NOT to do and what TO DO instead, I’ll leave it up to you TO DO what should come next: Take the ACTION you need to take by texting people today.

Want An EASIER Way to Text?

    The more you do this, the easier it gets, right? And I predict it won’t be long before you’re having success and doing deals! I also predict it won’t be long before your thumbs get tired of texting people from your phone, essentially saying the same thing over & over.

    But what if there was an easier way to text and engage people?  Lucky for you, there IS an easier way!

    It’s call the “Real Estate Prospector,” and it’s a very powerful software that’s easy to use. This software saves you HUGE chunks of time and frustration. 
The software will make calls, send personalized text messages AND personalized email messages for you – in ANY combination… One at a time or however many you want to send out at once!  

    Best of all, it gets you RESULTS!

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    Thanks for reading. I sincerely hope you not only enjoyed reading this powerful article, but I also hope you heed this advice and put it to good use right away. I can practically GUARANTEE you that if you DO, your investing life will never be the same, because you’ll be having quality conversations and doing deals before you know it.

    Do me a favor – let me know what you thought of this article in the space provided below. And let me know how this works for you as soon as you can! 🙂

Until Next Time,

Tony Pearl


Copyright 2019-20 Tony Pearl | All Rights Reserved


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“The Joy of Text: How to Do Deals With Your Cell Phone”

Do You Have A Cell Phone?

    In this article, you’re going to learn the right way HOW to use that powerful little tool that you already have sitting in your pocket to prospect for deals, quickly prescreen the crap from the cream, and efficiently communicate with the right people the right way, so that you can get more deals done…while having more FUN in the process!  Sound good? Great! Let’s go…


    Quick Question For You: What has quickly become the MAIN way that most people communicate these days? Sure, you could easily say things like the telephone, email, or even social media, and you’d be correct. But one of the most powerful & personal things that almost everybody does these days is… TEXT messaging!  You might even get a text from someone you know while you’re reading this article right now! But don’t answer it until you’re done reading this first, ok?


SHOCKING Statistic: 98% of Text Messages Are Read Within 2 Minutes!


Here’s The Problem Most People Are Facing

    One of the biggest issues we face these days is reaching people who have a house for sale. Seems like NO One is picking up their phone when you call them anymore! And when you do get someone on the phone, they’re either busy or angry because they think you’re the 12th agent to call them that day to try to convince them to list their house! And if they don’t answer, you have to leave the exact. Same. Message. On their voicemail. Over and over again. zzzzzzzzz…

    This is really the first & second reasons why we use VAs – to make contact with people & deal with their crap… so that we don’t have to.  🙂


What Most People Are Doing Wrong

    The main thing I see most people doing wrong is not taking action in the first place. Having said that, the next thing is that when a lot of new investors do get a seller or buyer prospect on the phone, they beg. They’re unfamiliar with how to talk to these people, many times because they don’t have the skills yet… or are just socially shy.

    BUT! What if there was a way that your shyness and awkwardness could be replaced with confidence? What if you could warm up the conversation on the phone by having a conversation before that conversation. How? By Text, of course!


The Right Way to Text: Keep it Real

    I’m sure we could have a nice, healthy debate about this subject. But let’s keep things super-simple here. The best way to text someone is to ‘keep it real,’ meaning: Be personal. Remember that you’re a person texting a person. So don’t try acting like you’re some big corporation. And if this is the first text you’re sending someone, just start with the obvious: The reason why you’re texting them in the first place. Finally, take control by asking a really easy question to get them to answer and initiate a conversation.

    For example, the BEST & easiest opening text to use when contacting a seller with a house for sale is: “Hi! Is the house you’re selling at [ADDRESS] still available?”

    A simple question that will get you a simple answer: Yes or No.  
From there, you’ll simply engage them a little bit so that you can warm things up a bit more.

    Here’s my personal suggestion on what to text next:

YOU: Great! My name is YOUR NAME. What’s your name?
THEM: They reply with their name.
YOU: Nice to meet you, NAME. Are you the owner?
THEM: Yes (or no). 

Simple, right?  The next thing you’ll want to do is…

Take It To The Next Level

    Different people have different preferences on how they like to communicate. Some people ONLY want to use text. Some like email. And others still prefer the phone.  

    Although you can certainly use text or email to continue communicating, and you might possibly negotiate a deal, there’s no doubt that you’ll HIGHLY increase your chances of success by getting them on the PHONE to have a proper conversation!  

    So that’s what you’re really aiming for here. With that in mind, I suggest that you try to limit your text volleys to between 3-5 rounds before you look to escalate the conversation by converting it to a phone call. You can use those texts to get their name & gently prescreen them a little bit.

   Did you know that great phone (communication & sales) skills are TRULY the MILLION-DOLLAR SKILLS to possess? When you’re great on the phone, you have confidence. When you have confidence, you’ll close deals. It’s just that simple. Need help? Let’s talk! But for now, let’s continue…

    How do you get them on the phone? By asking! Here’s a simple suggestion to text them:

YOU: “This looks good! When do you have 5 minutes to talk on the phone?”
Advanced Tip: Use the ‘Choice of Two’ closing tip/strategy I give you in THIS ARTICLE.

Boom! Done. Simple. You’re welcome. 🙂


One At a Time vs. All At Once

    After you’ve done this a few times, you’ll start to gain more confidence and find a rhythm. You’ll start to see what works for you. It’s only a matter of time before you’ll want to scale it up to reach more people, faster. At that point, you’ll need a different platform/solution that can handle this for you faster than your nimble little thumbs can work your phone’s keypad. 

    Lucky for you, I have a fantastic solution I can wholeheartedly recommend!

    It’s call the “Real Estate Prospector,” and it’s a very powerful software that’s easy to use. This software saves you HUGE chunks of time and frustration. 
The software will make calls, send personalized text messages AND personalized email messages for you – in ANY combination… One at a time or however many you want to send out at once!  

    Best of all, it gets you RESULTS!

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    Is it worth it to scale up? Oh yeah! Check out this next part…


Other Applications For Texting

    Wow, there are so many other possibilities you can use for text message marketing. Here’s just a few for your consideration:

  • Blasting out notifications of new properties you have available to your buyers’ list.
  • Blasting out notifications of new properties to other investors.
  • Blasting out notifications of any specials, promotions, events, etc. to your lists.
  • And SO many more! You’re only limited by your imagination.


And Now, A Word From Your Lawyer…

    Before you get all happy & start blasting out those text messages, there are a few legal things you’ll need to consider. Rather than cover them all here, be sure to check your local laws by consulting with your attorney. You’re probably fine to send out those individual texts to people who have advertised that they have a house for sale, but watch out when you really start blasting with volume, ok?

Hint: “Permission-based marketing.”


Ready For Some Homework?

    I believe that the best way to learn something is by DOING…by taking some action. Immediately. So here’s your assignment: Go get 5-10 leads together of people who are looking to sell their house. Doesn’t much matter from where you get them. You can start with Craigslist or Zillow if you like. You’re looking for houses that are in your target area, that match up with your price point, etc. Naturally, you’ll need phone numbers and addresses.

    After you get that together, send out the simple text I mentioned earlier. You know, the one about asking if the house (at their address) is still available? When they text you back that it is, which they will, quickly, just ask them a couple more questions before trying to get them on the phone for a quick conversation.

    Due to the fact that it’s not going to be a ‘cold call’ anymore, you should automatically feel more confident when you talk to them! From there, simply fill out your Lead/Property Information Sheet as usual.

    Couple Quick Notes: If your VA doesn’t text your leads for you, and they’ve already tried to reach them but failed, this is exactly what you need to do now. If you don’t have a VA yet, this will help get you started, quickly and extremely efficiently.


Wrapping This Up…

    Now you know some powerful secrets on how to really prospect for sellers more efficiently and effectively, starting today, using a powerful tool you already have in your pocket to send text messages. I’m sure you can also see how to easily apply these ideas to other things to help maximize your efficiency and increase your profitability.  Finally, you were given an assignment on exactly what to do to get started!

    The rest, as they say, is entirely up to YOU.


    Oh, you can go ahead and answer those text messages you received while you were reading this now.  😉

UPDATE!: I just wrote Part TWO of this article. 
It will show you what NOT to do when texting a seller (or anyone)! 
So now that you’ve read this article, it’s time for you to read the next one. Here’s the link:

Read Part Two of this article, “The Joy of Text 2: What NOT To Do When Texting a Seller”

Until Next Time,

Tony Pearl


P.S. How did you like the Title of this article, “The Joy of Text?”   😉


Copyright 2018-9 Tony Pearl | All Rights Reserved


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