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Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice Makes Perfect.
So Practice THIS To Do More Deals, Easier & Faster”

by Tony Pearl             (UPDATED on 8 May 2020–Especially for iPhone users)

    A guy on the street in New York City walks up to another guy and asks, “Hey Buddy! How do you get to Carnegie Hall?”

    “Practice, practice, practice!” the second guy replies.
An old joke, but there’s some truth in there… 

    In this article, you’re going to learn the best and fastest way to master the single MOST important skill you MUST possess if you ever want to make any real money in creative residential real estate investing.

    What is this magic skill? Mastering the Phone! An easy enough concept, yet so many people seem to have huge issues with it. If that’s YOU, and you’d like to fix it, then keep reading…

The Number One Problem Most New Investors Have

    As a real estate mentor, I hear things like this ALL the time from students who share what their biggest fear & frustration is when it comes to talking with sellers: “I don’t know what to say,” “I’m not sure how to answer their questions,” “I don’t want to mess up a possible deal,” “what do I do if…?” and on and on.

    These fears & concerns are totally understandable, of course. If you don’t know how to handle those situations, if you don’t know WHAT to SAY or HOW to SAY it, you’re naturally going to have a hard time talking with sellers. And this business will be difficult.

    Ron LeGrand recently shared something interesting with us Mentors. After talking with many Masters students, he found a common thread among those who are not having success early in their programs. What was that common thread? 

The Biggest Mistake Most New Terms Investors Make

    The biggest, most common mistake that most new investors make is they don’t take the time to PRACTICE their new craft. They don’t practice the art of TALKING to sellers in a way that will help them learn to get good on the phone. 

    Since they don’t practice, they don’t feel comfortable. Since they don’t feel comfortable, they don’t DO anything when it comes time to take action and make those closing calls. No closing calls made equals NO deals. And no deals equals no money!  That’s not good. But don’t worry, because we have the solution…

The Fastest & Easiest Way to Get Good At This

    Just like that bad joke at the beginning of this article, if you want to get to where you want to go, the KEY is to practice your art. In this case, if you want to master the essential SKILL of talking with sellers (or buyers, private lenders, or ANYONE for that matter), you’ll need to practice WHAT you’re going to say when you talk with them.

    Only by consistently practicing this in the right way will you possibly gain the confidence you need to get good at this.  But HOW? How do you practice this stuff?
The answer is so simple it might shock you…

How to Practice

    So here’s what you do: Grab the SCRIPTS you need. Use Ron’s scripts from his manuals or use the Wolff’s scripts if you prefer. I use my own scripts that I created for myself & my business, and one day you’ll do the same. Over time, you’ll get your own rhythm & style, but if you’re just starting out, use the stuff that’s already proven to work.

    Of course, since you’re a member here on this site, you already have access to the scripts I’ve created for your use!  Want to get the Lead Sheet filled out? Use the LEAD Script. Ready to do a Closing Call? Use the Closing Call Script!

    Now get a partner who will help you practice. This could be your spouse, business partner, son/daughter, or friend. Doesn’t much matter. You could have them sit at the same table as you or in another room. Or they could be on the other end of the phone.

    Here’s what you’re going to do: You’re going to ROLE PLAY with each other!  One of you will be the seller, and the other one will be the investor. Each person should have a copy of the same Lead/P.I. Sheet, so that you’re both on the same page (pun intended).  You’ll want to use both “Yes” and “No” responses for the Lead Sheets for your role plays.

    The “investor” will also definitely want to have the “No” script as well as the “Million Dollar” script in front of them. NOTE: You’re guided through this process in the Closing Call script on this site. 

    Now just practice making that call! Literally say, “Ring, ring…!” until the “seller” says “Hello?” and act like you’re making a real phone call. Yes, it may feel a little silly or awkward the first couple of times you do it, but you’ll quickly get to the point where it’s comfortable… Just like you’ll quickly get more comfortable with each and every step you take and every call you make! 

    Have real conversations here. Have the “seller” ask the actual questions a real seller would ask. Act like they just want to sell for cash, or act like they don’t understand, or ask ‘why do you need the mortgage information?’ 

    You know…the usual, typical stuff that an actual seller would say on these calls. And practice how you would handle this, over and over.  

TIP: Lean on the scripts to help you out until you’re totally comfortable doing this.

    Remember that it’s a process and it will take a little bit of time to gain the confidence you want & need in order to truly master this skill. But it is so, SO worth it, as you’ll quickly discover.  But even then, you’re still missing something

Essential “Secret Sauce” Tip You MUST Use:

    Listen, even if you practice ‘till the cows come home, you’re doing yourself a HUGE disservice if you don’t do this ONE crucial thing:
You MUST RECORD YOUR PRACTICE CALLS, as well as your REAL calls!!

    WHY is this SO important? Because when you HEAR yourself on these recordings, you’re giving yourself the much-needed audio FEEDBACK to hear all the “ummms” and “aahhhhs” you say that you didn’t even realize. You’ll hear the missed opportunities and subtext of what the seller is saying – how they’re giving you the vital information you need to know to sell them on this opportunity, but you missed it because you were focused on what to say next instead of what they were saying.

    It’s so vital that I’ll say it again: If you’re not recording yourself and these practice conversations, you’re really shooting yourself in the foot. So make sure you record them!

    After you’ve made a few of these practice calls, go ahead and LISTEN to your recordings. Be sure to TAKE NOTES on where you can improve. I’ve included a list of the Ten Most Common Mistakes you might make when talking with sellers in this article. Listen for where you might be making those mistakes as you look at that list.

How To Record Yourself & Your Calls

    You should already have the tool you need to succeed: Your smartphone! These days, they pretty much come in 2 flavors: iPhone or Android. Personally, I have an Android (and love it). But don’t hate me if you’re an iPhone user/fan. Everyone else in my family has an iPhone, and I have to hear about it from them all the time! lol

    To record yourself talking/practicing with someone in the same room as you, just open the Voice Recorder app on your phone. It comes built-in with your phone. If you have an Android, it’s probably called ‘Voice Recorder,’ and if you have an iPhone, it’s called “Voice Memos.” Just do a search to find it if you need to. It should be there. And if it’s not, you can always install one for free in the Play or App Store.

    To record your calls, you’ll need a different solution. If you have an Android (like me!), then it’s easy. Just go to the Play Store, search for & install an app called “Call Recorder,” or “Automatic Call Recorder.” It’s pretty easy & straightforward, but you’ll probably need to play with the settings to get it working just right for you. Quick Tip: Make sure you turn the call recording feature ON when you make your seller calls, then turn it OFF when you’re done. Otherwise, you’ll just record all your phone calls…and your phone will explode.

    Now if you have an iPhone, it’s not as easy. But I’ve got you covered!  Read this freshly-updated portion here…

UPDATE!: How To Record Calls on an iPhone

     It seems like SO many people (and so many of my students) have a stinkin’ iPhone these days. Unfortunately, recording calls on an iPhone isn’t as easy as an Android phone, because there’s no single app that works as easily. So if YOU have an iPhone, here are some solutions I’ve personally and painfully researched just for you, so that you don’t have an excuse not to record your seller calls. 🙂

    1. The first one used to work, but they’ve recently updated things, so while it might be working at the time I’m writing/updating this, it may or may not still be good when you get to it.  In any case, you can check out the Vonage app. Look for it in the App store.

    2. The next app solution was recently suggested to me by a student. This is a paid one, but it’s only about $29/year to record unlimited calls. Check out: https://www.tapeacall.com/

    3.  UPDATE! 8 May 20: Thanks to my student, Don Cromley from New Jersey, who found this iPhone app called Rev Call Recorder. Here’s the link: https://www.rev.com/callrecorder
You should also be able to find this in the App Store on your iPhone.

4. UPDATE! 24 July 20: Just found out that the Automatic Call Recorder (ACR) is now available for the iPhone! Tap here if you have an iPhone: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/automatic-call-recorder-acr/id1507135185

It is touted as “The only FREE and UNLIMITED call recording app! Rev Call Recorder is a professional iPhone call recorder that lets you tape your iPhone’s incoming & outgoing calls. After your calls, have the option to get your recordings transcribed for a low rate by a skilled human transcriptionist.”
A cool option is that you can opt to have any call transcribed by a human for cheap.
Other than that, it’s free!

    4.  The last solution I figured out on my own recently. It works pretty much the same way as the tapeacall previously mentioned. And there’s an extra step or two involved, but it’s free! Personally, I think this way is probably the best solution for doing what you need to do, so I’ll give it to you step-by-step…

  1. Go to: https://www.freeconferencecall.com  and make yourself a nice, FREE account.
  2. After that’s done, play around with it until you’re familiar with how it works.
  3. Whenever you want to record some seller calls (best if you just batch them all together), you’ll first call in to your conference call line and START RECORDING the call.
    You can optionally announce to yourself something like “This is NAME, and I’m making some seller calls on DATE. The first call is to SELLER NAME & ADDRESS.”
  4. Then you’ll look at your phone & tap the ‘ADD CALL’ icon you should see on the face of your fancy iPhone.
    You’re going to conference them in to your phone.
  5. Dial the first seller you want to call. When they answer, immediately tap the MERGE button on the screen of your phone and begin your conversation once the calls are merged together. TIP: Just say “Hello?” as soon as they pick up the phone, then immediately tap the Merge icon. This prevents the prolonged dead space so they shouldn’t hang up.
    Note that the calls can only be merged after that person picks up the phone. Hey, it is what it is.
  6. When you’re done talking with that seller, just tap the ‘Hang up’ icon for that seller ONLY. Don’t just hang up the phone, or you may lose your recording. Do it the way I just showed you, and…
  7. Go back to your Conference Call line. You may optionally announce the next call you’ll make. This will help you later to keep track of everything, so you can thank me later. 🙂
  8. Now simply repeat the process and call your next seller.
  9. Continue doing this until you’re all done calling all the sellers on your current list.
  10. When you’re finally finished, simply go back to your conference call line and announce something like, “This concludes the seller calls for DATE,” and end the recording by punching in the right keys.
  11. UPDATE: Ok, here’s some more good news! I just found out that they now have an app! For more info, go to https://www.freeconferencecall.com/apps and choose the iPhone app, obviously, and just go from there. Or you could just go to the App store & search for the FreeConferenceCall.com app.
    Hopefully, this will make things a lot simpler for you. But since I haven’t tested this, I can’t tell you for sure. 

    And that should do it for you to record your calls using an iPhone!

DISCLAIMER: Be sure to be aware of the laws in your state regarding one or two party knowledge on recording calls. A quick Google search should reveal the answer you need. And if your state IS a two party call state, just say, “this call may be recorded for quality assurance” at some point early in the phone call. Most people are programmed to go in to a trance when they hear those words, so it won’t much matter to you. TIP: Have a smile on your face when you say it.

The Final Secret

    The final secret isn’t really a secret so much as it is common sense: You MUST keep practicing those calls in this manner until you have mastered this skill! Just get started and keep going until you’ve ‘got’ it and you know it. Clap your hands.

    Will you make mistakes? Of course! Will you potentially lose some deals along the way? Absolutely! But guess what? Every mistake you make will teach you what NOT to do. Every missed opportunity will SAVE you from missing out on the next HUNDRED opportunities you’ll know what to do with the next time you face a similar situation. As long as you continue PRACTICING this stuff, you’ll continue to improve on it.

Current MENTOR Student? Then You Have THIS Bonus!

    If you’re a current, active Mentor Student of mine, I have some GREAT news for you! Did you know that we’ve recently added a new feature where you can get 2 professional call CRITIQUES from your Mentor (that’s me!)? 

    To take advantage of this, here’s what to do: Start practicing NOW. Record yourself & your calls. After you’ve made several calls to sellers, pick the call you think is your BEST, and send that recording to me. I’ll review it for you & give you a critique on what and how you did – both the good and the stuff you can improve. Please try to keep the call you send as brief as possible – less than 5-10 minutes is preferred.

    When you get the critique back, you’ll want to start implementing the suggestions right away. After you’ve improved even more, you can do this once again to get one more critique from your mentor. This is a very valuable feature that’ll help you if you use it.

    Yes, you get up to TWO calls. Please, no more than that. Reviewing & critiquing these calls actually takes me a long time. Imagine if I had to go through countless long calls from countless people. I’d never get anything done. Besides, our goal here is to show you how you can improve on your own, with the proper guidance. Ok?

    How to share your call recordings with me?
For an Android phone: The app should have a built-in way of sharing any recording you want to share.

Share Icon–Tap this to share a file/call recording.

Just look for the “Share” icon within the app itself. It looks a little something like this:   


Then you can just email that to me.

    For an iPhone: If you use the FreeConferenceCall.com solution I provided here, you can simply login to your account and look for the history of your call recordings. Find the one you want and just SHARE the LINK to grab it. If there are a few calls in the recording, just let me know WHEN the call you want me to critique starts. Ex: “Please critique the call that starts at 14:05 of this link: www.linkfortherecording.com” and just email that to me. No file uploads needed!

    Hopefully this helps you not confuses you.  If it’s too confusing, don’t worry. Technology just isn’t so easy for a lot of people. If that’s you, then just focus on making the best calls you can, and we’ll just discuss and role play in your mentor call. I’d rather have you focus on that than go crazy trying to figure this out.  🙂

    Let’s keep it moving…

Want a Top 10 List?

    For your convenience, here is a list of the TOP 10 MISTAKES most people make when they talk to sellers. 

The Top 10 Mistakes When Calling Sellers:

  • You talk too much. Get to the point and ask questions.
  • You get off script & get lost. See #1.
  • You’re teaching. Stop that. They didn’t pay you for a seminar.
  • You’re begging. The kiss of death. Get familiar with the benefits we offer.
  • You sound like you’re reading a script. Practice reading to sound natural.
  • You don’t get “The Big 3” questions answered: Price, down payment, monthly.
  • You speak too softly. Stand UP, speak up! 
  • You feel intimidated. See #7. Practice. Fake it ‘till you make it if you must.
  • You can’t answer the seller’s questions. Answer a question with a question.
  • Your accent is too hard to understand. Improve it or hire someone if you must.

TIP: As you listen to your recordings, see/hear if you’re doing any of these. You will, and it will be very clear when you do. So be aware of this, then take steps to prevent it on your next batch of calls.

Looking Into My Crystal Ball…

    As I gaze into my crystal ball, I have a bold prediction for you. I predict that if you DON’T heed the advice here and use it right away, you’ll just keep getting exactly what you’ve been getting. If you’re happy with that, great! If not, you should already know what you need to do…

    On the other hand, I also predict that if you TAKE ACTION on what you learned in this valuable article, you’ll QUICKLY gain massive confidence as you master the skill of talking to sellers (and other people) on the phone. You’ll know what to SAY and how to say it in order to maintain control of the call.  You’ll quickly prescreen out the time-wasters. You’ll keep your prospects curious and interested in your solutions.
And you’ll suddenly find yourself doing deals & making money.

    And just like that wisecracking New Yorker on the street, you’ll quickly find yourself where you want to be when you practice, practice, PRACTICE!


Until Next Time,
Tony Pearl

UPDATE: Ron LeGrand has read this article and liked it SO much that he’s decided to make it a permanent part of the new upcoming Quick Start Boot Camp Manuals! So look for it there the next time you attend that event. 🙂

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BIO: Tony Pearl is a writer, speaker, copywriter, coach, mentor, marketer, musician, poet, ballroom dance instructor, world traveler, father, fiance, internet marketer, voiceover artist, and real estate investor. He’s also a Politically-Incorrect Insomniac with ADHD who specializes in adding massive value to people’s lives by helping them overcome limiting beliefs, have more fun, and make more money while improving lifestyles through improving communication and investing in real estate!