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Credit Repair and Tenant Screening Interview with Paul Ritter

We’re going to do something a little different in this post here today.
If you like this, I’ll happily do more of it for you.

Rather than write another brilliant article, report, or bite-sized training module, I thought I’d bring in another professional to help bring the heat. 

So today, we’re going to be doing an interview with a very good and qualified professional that you’ll want to have on your team. Please allow me to introduce my friend, Paul Ritter, owner of MyCreditTeam.com and ScreenTheTenant.com.

Paul specializes in helping you prescreen your tenant buyers – so that you can best decide who the most qualified tenant buyer is before you install them in one of your houses. Yes, we’re talking about background & criminal checks, income verification, and of course – credit worthiness.  Paul can also help you prepare your tenant buyers to get their credit repaired and eventually cash you out by buying those houses you’re selling them.

We cover a LOT of great information in this interview. That’s why I had to chop it up into two parts. The first one is where you’ll meet Paul and watch his presentation. The second part is where I grill him with a bunch of great questions.

So listen until the end so that you can take advantage of a some excellent money-saving specials that you’ll surely want to take advantage of as soon as you’re ready to do so!  This is a great interview for you if you’re doing this business, or even if you know someone who can use some excellent credit repair services.

Watch Part One:

Here is Part 2, the Q&A Session:

After watching/listening to this interview, you may contact Paul at 412-242-2733.
Or for more information, you may check him out at:
For Credit Screening Services: ScreenTheTenant.com
or for Credit Repair: MyCreditTeam.com




  • March 19, 2019