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More Motivation Part 2

A Little MORE Motivation For You!

Ok, I got so much positive feedback from the last motivational post that I had to write this one, too!

A lot of people loved the video, and I don't blame them.
Bruce Lee was a total badass.

But you know who else is a total badass? Rocky Balboa. Yep! Rocky.

God, I love these movies! All the Rocky movies are on my 'list ?of moves you've gotta watch when you're flipping channels & they're on.'

I highly recommend you make up your own list like that.
It's a requirement.

Anyway, just watch these clips below & you'll see exactly what I'm talking about, ok? Ok...

All 3 clips are about life. This first one is my favorite, because he's teaching his son about how winning is really done. Awesome...

This second clip is about how you've got to fight for what you want. What you believe in. And don't let any S.O.B. stand in your way!

I almost didn't add this last clip, because it's a bit sad. I have my own personal reasons why it resonates with me so much, but it's better to for you to make your own...

I sincerely hope you liked those clips!
Come on back & watch 'em any time you like.

And remember - this is YOUR life. YOU'VE got to be the one to make it happen. I'm here to support you.

Now, get out there & do what you've got to do!?

  • February 16, 2017