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Badass Bandit Sign Secrets

Bandit Signs…
The Ultimate Secret Weapon of the Real Estate Investor.

    One of the VERY first things we need to do in any business (especially real estate) is to GENERATE LEADS!
After that, we need to Prescreen them, construct & present offers, then follow up, and close quickly. Sound familiar?
    There are many, many different ways to get those leads. Refer to the Mind Map on the ‘Tools’ page of this website for more details. But with all the different ways of getting leads, there’s one way that’s always stayed at the top of the performance list, year after year. That way is (obviously) our good ol’ buddy, the Bandit Sign!
But…where do you get them? What do you write on them?
And where do you put them up to get the best results?
All those questions & more will be answered in this brief article/report!
So let’s get to it…
What makes those Bandit Signs SO effective?
It’s simple: They get placed in front of TRAFFIC FLOW – when cars drive by them, eyeballs are magically sucked to those signs. If you’ve ever driven a car around the suburbs around election time, you probably know what I’m talking about.
Which ones work the BEST?
It all depends. What is the offer? What are the signs selling? How easy is it to read them? How clear is the headline? The copy? The message? And is there a clear Call To Action (CTA) that directs the person looking what to do next.
Also: Where are the signs placed? How many are there in that area? Do they stand out from other visual distractions? Is the offer appropriate for the area/market?
What should the sign SAY?
First of all, the signs don’t SAY anything. You have to READ them!
Bad joke.
All kidding aside, my experience & that of many other successful investors usually work like this:
  1. The sign has THREE LINES (Four Lines Max):
    a. Headline; Stops the targeted prospects in their tracks. Gets them to read.
    b. Interest; Further develops the headline. Should flow nicely to this.
    c. Call To Action: This is where you tell the prospect exactly WHAT to do next.

We Buy Houses
Any Area, Price, Condition

Bob Buys Houses
Regardless of Equity

We Buy Houses
Walk Away Today


No Bank Qualifying!
Beautiful 3/2 in Great Location


Rent To Own!
Rare Opportunity
4 Bed, 3 Bath; Move-in Ready

Move In Today!
Rent to Own. Bad Credit Ok.
3/2 in Excellent Location


WHERE do you BUY these signs?
Wow – there are a TON of places to buy these signs.
And most of them will charge you an arm & a leg.
If you’re paying more than $2.00-$2.50/sign, you’re probably paying too much.
There are well-known places like cheapsigns.net, cheapsigns.com, banditsigns.com, and many more.
You can also order from a well-known recommendation from your local Guru.
But if you just want a reliable, super-cheap source, I’ve got you covered below. Keep reading…

WHAT are the BEST Signs To Use?
In our experience, the following color combinations work best:
BLUE writing on a WHITE background.
BLACK writing on a YELLOW background (my personal favorite. Example below)

There’s just something about those bright yellow signs with black lettering that just stands out!

Want to Know the REAL Secret of a Successful Sign? Make it UGLY!
That’s right. Ugly. Ugly by HAND-WRITING the words on the signs.
Why? Because it just makes your signs POP & stand out over all the other “Pretty” signs you’d see.
As I wrote in a previous article, “UGLY Is The New PRETTY…When it Comes to Marketing.”
Oh, and you’ll definitely want to buy a THICK-TIPPED, BLACK MARKER to write your message on those signs. Think “Magnum Sharpie.” Yes, Amazon has those.
ONE More Secret: Use Initial Capitalization For The Words On Your Sign. (Capitalize The First Letter Of Each Word)

WHERE Do You Put These Signs?
That’s Easy! You put the signs up in the areas where you want to do business!
If you’re looking to BUY houses in a certain area, do the best you can to get those signs up in that area.
If you’re SELLING a house in a certain area, you’ll want to put up 2-3 signs in the front yard, a few more signs on the STREET where the house is located, more signs on the entrances & exits of the subdivision, and even more signs within a certain radius of the house. I suggest a minimum of at least 30 signs for the house you’re selling!

Put them up in busy intersections, in the entrances & exits out of your targeted subdivisions, on the off ramp of the local highways.
And put up a few in a row…about 50-100 feet apart.

Years ago, the Burma-Shave company used to put up signs across America, advertising their products. These signs would usually have a nice message that you had to read each in sequence. And it would usually rhyme & be cute. Something like “Don’t you look… Like you live in a Cave… All you need… is Burma-Shave!”
I just made that up, but the signs would say something like that. And they got results, because people read them.

What are the Risks or Drawbacks of These Signs?
Ok, this is where you have to be smart and careful, because…
They’re called “Sign Police,” and every city has them. There are two types: Paid and Personal.
The Paid Sign Police: These are the city employees who drive around, looking for code violations and stuff to do and will remove your signs if they’re placed in an inappropriate place (like on a street sign or phone pole). They may fine you (if they can find you), but most of the time, they just remove your signs…or cut the number off of the sign if they can’t remove them.
The Personal Sign Police: These are the ‘good neighbors’ who PERSONALLY take it upon themselves to ‘keep their neighborhoods clean from the unwanted trash of your sign’s solicitation!’ These are typically middle-aged to older folks who have nothing better to do on their daily walks than pull up or remove your signs, then throw them in the trash (or in their backyard or their garage) so that you don’t have the satisfaction of doing business on their street. Nyah-nyah!
So – what do we DO about this? Ok, first of all, make sure that whatever phone number you have on the sign is NOT registered to you or can be easily traced back to your name. This will make it harder for the police to fine you.
If someone calls & you answer the phone, don’t give them your full name, as this might be a cop posing as a seller to try to trick/trap you to giving up your info so they can look you up and fine you. (of course, if this is what you suspect is happening, you can always give them the name of your competition lol)
Tell your VA/answering service to only ask questions, NOT give away/volunteer information (a good plan to follow, generally speaking).
Follow those tips & you’ll avoid a lot of problems.

WHO Should Put These Signs Up?
My personal favorite: Anyone BUT you! 🙂
I remember when I first started in this business, I’d go out late on a Friday night and put up 60-70-80+ signs.
Just basically blanket some areas. I had the signs prepared & would drive my targeted areas with my hammer and some hustle.  Yes, those were the good ol’ days!
These days: You couldn’t pay me enough to do that anymore.  Which is why I suggest you try doing it yourself first – just to get a taste of it and get some signs up quickly.  Then just find someone else to do it FOR you.
Pay them like $1.00-$1.50/sign. These could be your kids and/or their friends, your local handyman, or someone you find & hire on Craigslist.
PRO TIP: Have whoever you hire to do this install an app on their smartphone that tracks where they go. The easiest apps are the ones that use the phone’s GPS to track where you’ve walked today. Have them install that app, then monitor where they go, AND have them take a picture of each sign they put up with the intersection/area easily seen in the picture. Make sure that the phone has the GPS meta-data enabled for pictures, so that the pictures are tagged with the geo-location. This is all so that you can monitor & confirm the location of the signs.

My Personal Recommendation of WHERE To Buy Signs:
Ok, enough talk! Are you read for that awesome source of WHERE to buy those signs?
Here’s a great place to order your signs and get a much better deal than just about anywhere else…I’m talking like $1.20-$1.50/sign.
Yeah, that’s good!

Company Name is: Harbor Sales
Phone Number: 1-800-345-1712
–Go to that link. Where it shows ‘colors,’ click ‘More’ and then click on ‘Yellow.’
Browse around & enjoy yourself.


That website sucks. Badly. Don’t waste too much time trying to figure it out or even order anything on there.
This is not much of a marketing company…but that’s a GOOD thing,
because they have what you need: Good signs at a very cheap price!


Just call this number & talk to the lady: 1-800-345-1712
Tell her what you want & she’ll take good care of you.

I suggest you order 100 signs, and have HALF the flutes run vertically, and the other half horizontally.
Also order 50 wire H-Stakes to hold up the signs.
Make sure the signs are: 
-18″ x 24″

UPDATE!! The recommended source above may or may not work any more.
But guess what? AMAZON to the rescue! They’ve recently added some great sign options.
For example… Use THIS LINK and get 100 signs delivered for only $129.99

OR… Here’s a handy PACKAGE deal for all the main stuff you need…
This includes 100 signs, 50 h-frame stakes, and a 2-pack of fat-tip black markers:

You’ll want the ‘flutes’ (the hollow spaces between the front & back of the sign) to run different directions because of how you’ll most likely be putting the signs up.
When the flutes run along the short (18″) side, you’ll use the metal H-stake to put them up because the signs fit perfectly that way.
When the flutes run the long (24″) way, you can put them up on wooden stakes, trees, phone poles (you didn’t hear that from me!), etc.
This way, the signs won’t bend or fold when the wind blows.
TIP: If you put them up on wooden things like phone poles or wooden stakes (usually available at Home Depot or Lowe’s), you’ll attach them with 1 1/4″ or 1 1/2″ ROOFING NAILS (the ones with the orange disc) so they practically never come down!

Here’s the type of fat-tip black marker you want to get to handwrite the messages on the signs:

1. 3 lines of text on the sign (Headline, Interest, Call To Action)
2. “Initial Capitalization” Of Each Word (Capitalize The 1st Letter )
3. Place the signs in intersections near your targeted areas, as well as entrances & exits of the subdivisions.
Wrapping Up (I’ve Saved the Best For Last!)
Super-Secret NINJA Tips From an Experienced Bandit Sign Investor
Here are a few personal observations, tips and professional secrets that I may have…ummmm… some “knowledge” about:
  1. Don’t want any trouble from the ‘Sign Police?’
    Put your signs up on Friday, after 5 p.m. (that’s when they go home. They’re government employees, after all)
    Pick them back up on Sunday night (or any time before 8 a.m. Monday. That’s when they go back to work!)
  2. Do NOT use a phone number on your signs that’s registered to you or your company in any way!
  3. If all the other signs in the area look & say the same thing, STAND OUT & Do SomeThaaaang Different!!
  4. Put BIGGER signs up on vacant land lots, commercial lots, fields, etc. – places that owners won’t be going for a while.
    The signs should last longer, due to the fact that… the owners won’t be going there for a while!
  5. Find a house in a great location & offer to pay the owner $25-$50/mo. to put your sign up in his yard.
  6. Want a “Ballsy” Move?
    Put your ‘We Buy Houses’ sign in the yard of a VACANT house that you’d like to buy.
    You’re sure to get the attention of a lot of people, most notably: The Owner!
    When he calls & starts screaming in your ear, apologize, and ask if he’d like to sell his house. 🙂
Those tips will make a big difference for you!   😉
I hope this helps,
  • January 3, 2018