Dude, You Need HELP!

   So there you are - a proud real estate investor (or business owner)!  You’re doing some marketing, talking to sellers, driving out to meet them, making offers, following up, raising private money, selling your houses, and a million other things.
    Meanwhile, you’re (maybe) still working a job, being a husband (or wife), a father (or mother), a friend, a family member, a neighbor, and a member of your community!  You don’t even know the meaning of the word “sleep!”
You’ve got a lot of balls... In the air, and everything is going great with your juggling act.  UNTIL… IT happens....

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New Updates – Website, Market, Laws, Technology – August 2019

In this Post, I'm going to share a few UPDATES that I have for you!

These updates will cover a few things, including:

Our Website (YourRealEstateCourse.com)
The Market
A "Nasty" New Law in Illinois
Some Technology to stay ahead of things
And a few insights & tips to help you out!

Ready? Let's go...

New Updates to Our Website!

    I'm very excited to share some recent changes/updates I've made here for your benefit.

    First, I've just updated the contracts & instructions pages in the 'Contracts-->Buying' section/page.
Click on that link to check it out. I've re-done the formatting and enhanced the instructions to make things look and perform better for you.
    Shoot, I even include some pictures I created to make the process of editing the contracts and sharing them with me a lot easier...

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