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Your Most Important Activity

The MOST Important Thing You MUST Do to Be Successful

Knowledge. Training. Networking. Marketing. Meeting people. Studying. Preparing. Wondering & worrying about 'what if,' etc.

Yes, these are all important things to do. And they're all necessary.

But if someone held a gun to my head and told me to name the #1 MOST Important Activity that MUST be done in order to bring you success in this real estate investing business, I'd have to say this...

The MOST Important thing for you to do is...

Talk to Sellers.

The SECOND most important thing would have to be to Make Offers.
But that's a subject for another day.

You could spend a TON of time doing things like...

  • Research.
  • Setting up your systems.
  • Sending out marketing.
  • Networking with people. 
  • Getting your corporation set up.
  • Asking your brother-in-law if he thinks real estate investing is a good idea.
  • ...or a THOUSAND other things you think are more important.

But NOTHING else even comes close to being AS IMPORTANT AS talking to sellers.

"If You Ain't Talking to People,
You Ain't Gonna Make No Money."

Someone Smart
...once said this. It's true.

Listen, it's a very, very simple process. Please don't complicate things.

Here's How it Works...

  1. Get a list of people who might want to sell their house.
  2. Contact them somehow - Phone. Direct Mail. Run ads. Text Message. Smoke Signals. Something!
  3. They call you or you call them.
  4. Have a nice, friendly (but brief) conversation, where you get some information in order to prescreen them for possibilities of working together.
  5. If they're not a match, thank them for their time & wish them good luck, then move on!
  6. If they ARE a match (they're open, motivated, and/or curious about what you can do for them), then set up the next step!
  7. Next steps could be - Meet them at the house; Make an offer; Set up another appointment to continue the process.
  8. If they're in, great! Close the deal. If not, set up a time to follow up with them later.
  9. And then... Go talk to someone else!

Rinse & Repeat to insure your success.

If you just suck at talking to people, don't worry. Do it anyway. Gauge how you're doing and look to constantly improve every time you talk to someone. You won't suck for long.

Wait...what's that? You don't know what to say? Sure you do. Stop complicating things. All you've got to do is go grab a fresh Property Information Sheet, a phone & a pen.

Then, "just pick up the phone & start dialing..." (see below)

Have a nice, friendly conversation with the seller. Ask the questions you need to ask so that you get the information you need.  See if you'll be a good fit for each other, and set up whatever the next step needs to be.

And if you really feel like you need a script, just look for the tools I've provided here on this site for you. And there's more coming, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here's a little motivation/inspiration to Prove My Point, courtesy of one of the most successful guys on Wall Street, Jordan Belfort, aka The "Wolf of Wall Street"


WARNING!: There's quite a bit of delicious profanity in this video. So if your ears are sensitive, you have small children running around close by, or if you're the type of person who is easily offended, don't watch this. Otherwise...this is awesome!!! (Your part starts at 2:20)

  • February 16, 2017