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Sonnie Donaby
Mentor Student
March 6, 2020
It was a pleasure to work with Tony as my mentor!

Due to Tony's mentoring experience, I feel I can be really successful as a real estate investor when I increase taking action.

It was a pleasure to work with Tony during the mentoring experience. He provided lots of inspiration and direction. It's up to me to make it happen.

Tony has a very good website with lots of good material to digest. Information on everything from having the right mindset to finding leads to always provide options to the seller for buying their house.


Tammy Frederick
Mentor Student
March 6, 2020
It seems like every time I turned around, Tony was giving me new information that I’d never thought about.

So far, I have had many a-ha moments. It seems like every time I turned around, Tony was giving me new information that I'd never thought about.
So far, I have had a WIN with each of my four houses. I believe that I learned something with each one.

In my months with Tony by my side, I have gained a great deal of experience as I worked through different situations with each home


Brian Hewitt
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
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I’ll make $25,000 on this deal!

Even as a Realtor, before I started my mentoring with Tony Pearl, I thought you had to have lots of money, credit and/or secret insider information to buy Real Estate.

Through my mentoring with Tony I was able to grasp and understand most everything in the process of buying houses on terms. From placing Bandit signs to listening back to recordings of my delivery with sellers while using the scripts.

So there I was printing out a Purchase and Sales Agreement that I had filled out all by myself. It was a real exciting feeling. I felt confident I knew what I was doing. The seller looked over the Purchase and Sales Agreement, asked a few obligatory questions and signed the house over to me. It was almost too simple.

I was able to purchase this house putting only one thousand dollars down. I'll make twenty five to thirty thousand dollars on this starter home.

It's been a lot of hard work, but for me the mentoring with Tony has been money well spent. Invaluable information that can last a career making a lot of money. Looking forward to round two!

Sean Tiehes
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
I Put 3 Duplexes Under Contract for My First Deal

"Working with Tony has given me the confidence to put 3 duplexes under contract for my first deal. I was able to pick them up subject-to with no money down, and a 7 year payoff of the sellers equity with a super-low interest rate!
Because of everything that I have learned from Tony, I am now able to speak with seasoned investors and not feel like a complete idiot. Structuring deals, talking to sellers, and deciding on exit strategies comes very naturally now and I don't think I could have made a better decision for the future of my family than working with Tony Pearl as my mentor."

David Smith
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
I always felt like he genuinely cared about my success

What I really like to express is that the whole time while working with Tony, I always felt like he genuinely cared about my success.
I've had other mentors, and that includes paid mentors, and sometimes you realize that the only reason they are talking with you is because it is one of their jobs.
Tony has always made me happy to be under his mentor-ship, and I gained massive value with every meeting.

Joe Dellefave
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
I Was LUCKY to Get Tony Pearl as My Mentor

I lease optioned one of my houses for $109,900 and my tenant buyer put down $30,000 plus the first month's rent.
We closed this deal with the tenant buyer and attorneys in only 24 hours!!!

I admit that I was skeptical about signing up for the mentoring program and spending that kind of money at first.
But I realized I wasn't spending money, I was investing my money back into myself in the form of an education.

I was lucky enough to get Tony Pearl as my mentor, he's like an awesome big brother who loves to help you out! 

A+ Experience!

Larry Nordquest
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
My Advice: Get A Mentor Like Tony!

Thanks to Tony, I am feeling more confident now that I have some leads to go on.
My advice to anyone who wants to succeed is:
Get you a MENTOR like Tony Pearl!
Don't go it alone. Success comes by doing what other successful people do.

Michael Neal
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
From Professional Football Player to Successful Real Estate Investor

Before I started learning about real estate investing, I played for the Green Bay Packers in the NFL and had ZERO experience in real estate.

What I've learned from my mentoring experience with Tony Pearl is how to play the game of real estate and win. I believe the pairing of Tony with me was a perfect match. Tony is really great at listening, understanding, and relating to everything I've presented him. He's been extremely competent, and one of the best things Tony has done for me is always give me VERY THOROUGH, timely, and detailed explanations that help me really understand the process and put it to use immediately.

Whenever I present these situations to Tony, he gives me the best advice. He always knows just what to say or do, and seems to always know what resource to use or what material to go back and review for clarity.

I just closed out my first deal last week & am so happy! This is a lease purchase deal with a $30,000 Non Refundable Option Deposit, plus half the first month's prorated rent ($4,000) up front, plus $400/month positive cash flow. Feels great to have this one under my belt, especially because Tony really stepped up to help make this happen by being available when I was spazzing out the day before the deal closed. Not only that, but I KNOW that there's so much more to come, and it's now happening sooner rather than later!!!

As a professional football player, I played for a coach who helped several players get in to the Hall of Fame, and let me tell you...
Tony Pearl is a Real Estate Hall of Fame Coach & Mentor!

Thanks to Tony's help, I just made $32,000 PLUS $400 positive cash flow/month on my first deal!

Kevin Dyer
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
Tony’s Advice Worked So Fast, it Made My Head Spin

"On a Sunday afternoon I sent Tony an email to seek some specific advice regarding how to communicate with home sellers. Tony responded within minutes, and directed me to an article he had written on that very topic. It's almost as if he had read my mind and was prepared for my question!

After reading the article and noting the very simple steps Tony recommended, I was ready to start. I took his advice, got an immediate response, and within minutes I was on the phone trying to do my very first deal. The speed at which it all happened made my head spin.

I'm now convinced that Tony's advice works. The big takeaway is I don't have to figure out everything on my own with Tony as my "go to" guy, because he clearly knows what he is doing. Having someone like Tony on my side gives me tremendous peace of mind!"

Damian Jensen
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
Tony Helped Me Get My First Check in This Business!

"Before I started my mentoring with Tony Pearl, I had trained & participated a number of other training classes and programs but got very little real world experience. Now that I'm working with Tony, IT'S ON!!!

Before my "reboot" with Tony, I always wondered if I really had what it took to be successful in my OWN business as opposed to working in someone else's.
Tony has definitely helped me learn to take action and give myself full credit for everything I do.  Tony told me "Every action counts, and every step you take forward is a step in the right direction!"

My big "A-HA!" moment came when I realized that my good attitude just wasn't enough. I had to face the baggage I was carrying around that caused me to retreat from my fears instead of facing them. When you face the good and the bad is when the breakthrough happens!

After years of desire, sporadic efforts, and endless dreaming of better things in life, Tony got me to finally take the actions I needed to take, and that helped me get my first check in this business!

To anyone even thinking of doing this business - You NEED a coach, a mentor, a friend who has done it before you. No matter how skilled or smart you are, sooner or later you will self destruct or worse yet: Never REALLY get started at all & miss out on what could and SHOULD be your true calling in life.

THANK YOU so much for all your help, Tony Pearl!"

Keith Barrand
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
Tony Helped Me Negotiate $50,000 ADDITIONAL Profit!

"Using Tony's tools and closing call script, I got my first appointment.

Not only that, but he helped me negotiate an ADDITIONAL $50,000 PROFIT on this deal!

The seller was asking $299,900, but Tony helped me get him down to $250,000, AND increase the term from one year to FIVE, AND get a great monthly payment of only $1250/month!

I didn't believe this was real until he helped me do it!!"

Richard Grondin
Mentor Student
March 7, 2020
It’s Nice To Know There Are People Like Tony Pearl

"I just wanted to say that it's so nice and refreshing to know that there are people out there like Tony Pearl who are encouraging and willing to help anytime. I am so grateful for having Tony's support and knowledge to back me!

Thank you Tony!"


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