30 Day Quick Start Plan, Days 15-30

This plan is designed to be implemented immediately after graduating from Ron LeGrand’s Quick Start Real Estate School. The steps are laid out to be easily implemented and a small amount of time on a very part-time basis. Doing so will greatly increase your chances of success and ensure your load flow begins immediately, which is the most critical tying you must do when leaving this event.

LEADS: A completed Property Information Sheet with a YES or NO on A or B.

Your Activities For Today, Days 15-30:

  • Continue calling all prescreened leads and make an appointment with good prospects and go visit as many houses as you can during this two-week period.
  • Work with your field agents and get them working more or more of them working if you’re not getting more leads than you can handle.
  • Monitor DREAMS closely for lead flow and stay in touch with your VA to monitor calls being made and follow up quickly on completed property information sheets.
  • You should average at least 25 leads per week and by this time, should have at least one house under contract.
  • Do not spend any more money to add additional lead sources than we have discussed above unless you can honestly say you’re following up properly on all the leads you’re getting.  Getting more leads you aren’t handling will not get you more details. Handling the leads you are getting properly will get your more deals.
  • By now, your house buying and selling website should be up and running which will get you a handful of seller leads per month without you doing anything but it wouldn’t hurt for you to give a little attention to driving traffic to your site. There is an all-day seminar on your Gold Club site about becoming a good affiliate, which is all about driving traffic to your affiliate links. It’s full of good ideas to drive traffic to your house buying site as well!
  • If you don’t have a contract by now, analyze why.
  • Am I getting enough leads?
  • Am I following up on the leads I get after the VAs call them?
  • Have I perfected my calling skills yet, or do they still need a lot of work so I don’t continually beg and lose good deals?
  • Are all of my leads sourced from online (worst quality leads), or have I followed Ron’s instructions and generated a lot of offline leads?
  • Have I had chances to go visit good prospects and chickened out?
  • Am I so petrified of a contract I freeze?
  • Have I forgotten this is a numbers game and got unmotivated after ten people told me they didn’t want terms, even though Ron warned me heavily in the Boot Camp and at the beginning of this 30-day plan that I would have to kiss a lot of frogs?
  • All of these issues can be fixed rather easily and must be if you are to succeed sa a successful real estate entrepeneur in the TERMS business. It is my job as your mentor to help you overcome these issues and get a check as quickly as possible. If you will let me, you’ll see that the steps can be life-changing, as long as you hang in there until they become HABIT!
  • Remember – all business is simple math. If you had to call 50 sellers to get only one deal that nets you $20,000, that’s $400 you make every time you were told no. You should do much better than this, and you will in time if you persist. But I think you’d agree that this is pretty good training pay!
  • Remember: When you get your first check, you’re obligated to send me a letter with a copy of the check and a short description of the deal… It’s FEDERAL LAW!!
  • Go HERE for DREAMS video training: 
  • Click Here if you still need to enroll in the Gold Club (BONUS! Get Ron’s Wholesaling Course for only $1 when you use that link)

—END DAYS 15-30!—

  • August 19, 2018