How To Fire a Seller

Ok my friend, buckle up because today we’re diving into a crucial part of the real estate game—how to fire a seller. Yeah, you heard me right. This may come as a surprise to some, but not every seller is going to be a match made in heaven, and that’s okay. Knowing when and how to say “thanks, but no thanks” is just as important as closing the deal. In this article, you’ll learn an advanced perspective on how to prescreen house sellers on the phone to determine if they’re a fit for our business model or not. We’ll break down the key questions you need to ask, identify the red flags to watch for, and craft a polite yet powerful way to part ways with unfit sellers while keeping the door open for future opportunities. 

Oh yeah, and I’ve got a couple killer scripts to use for this exact purpose!

The enhanced understanding you’ll gain from reading this will also help anyone who is scared of the phone because they feel like they’re in an inferior position. Keep reading, and we’re going to flip the script on that feeling (pun fully intended)!
And wouldn’t you rather be the one firing rather than being fired?

Ready to become a powerful prescreening pro? Let’s get started!

We Buy Houses, CASH or TERMS (Script)

Do you ever struggle with a simple way of telling people (sellers) WHAT it is that we DO in our real estate business? Do you ever wonder HOW we can quickly and easily bridge the gap between YOU knowing what benefits & service we provide and the SELLER knowing the same? Do you ever wish that someone…somehow…would just provide a nice SCRIPT you can use that will easily explain what we do so that you can simply see if we’re a good fit for the seller & vice-versa? Yes?

Great! Then you’ll be happy to know that this is EXACTLY what I’m providing for you here today, right here on this page! I should have written this a LONG time ago.
So that’s what you’re getting here now. Are you ready? Here we go…

Authorization to Release Information Instructions

In this valuable Training Article, we’re going to discuss the Importance of Getting an Authorization to Release Information Form for Communicating with the Seller’s Mortgage Company signed on any deal you get under contract where the seller has an underlying loan on the property.