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In this special post, we’re going to look at something that’s often overlooked by so many real estate investors, from new to veteran. This “something” can quickly introduce you to a whole new world that you may have not even considered. So stick with me for a few short but valuable minutes as we go through this together, shall we? Let me start by doing something I love to do – ask you a couple quick questions…
Are you tired of struggling to find a good source of motivated seller (or buyer) leads? Feeling like you’re stranded on a deserted island, without anyone around who understands what you do? Are you frustrated because you don’t know anyone in your local area who has had or is having success at this real estate business?
Well, I have some great news for you today…

Driving For Dollars 4

Driving For Dollars, part 4: Automation & Outsourcing. Plus the thrilling conclusion!

Driving For Dollars 3

Driving For Dollars, part 3: What to SAY to Sellers, HOW to make offers & get properties under contract..

Ron Interviews My Successful Student

In this post, I wanted to share something pretty cool with you. One of my students (Joe & Jenn, an awesome husband and wife) was recently interviewed by Ron, and let me tell you, it’s a great interview! In this interview, you’ll hear how my students took what they learned with me during their mentoring, (more…)

Cold Calling Scripts and Training

Cold Calling Scripts for Owners of

    Hello, and thanks for reading this brief and powerful training guide. You’ll notice that this is written a little bit differently than usual - because it’s a training guide! I think you’ll really like these contents and I know they’ll serve you nicely when you actively use them.

    The scripts I’ve written here are designed to be used when cold-calling people who own houses in these specific niches: Vacant homes, Absentee (Out of town/state) owners, Divorce, Probate, and one of my personal favorites: Behind on Payments/Facing Foreclosure. 

    Those are excellent owners to contact about selling their house, because not too many people actively reach out to these people by cold calling them, AND when you reach the right one, their motivation is VERY high!

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