How to Do Deals Using The “Driving for Dollars” Strategy
– Part Four: Automation & Outsourcing-
This is the fourth & final piece of a multi-part Training Article

….Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed the first part, the second part, and the third part of this Driving for Dollars strategy training, and I hope you’re ready for the FINAL piece… Part 4!
But before we get to it, let’s have a very quick review of what you’ve learned so far…

In Part One, we introduced what Driving For Dollars is and what you need to get started. You got a nice overview, you found out where to go, what to look for, how to take pictures of what you find, how to get organized when you’re driving, and then you even got a nice brain hack to “program” yourself on what to look for so that it’s as easy as possible!
In Part Two, we discussed HOW to find WHO owns these houses and WHERE to look to find them. You learned what to do for different situations such as an entity (Corp, LLC, Trust) vs a person owning the house. Then you learned how to find these people by skip tracing them. After that, you learned the different ways of contacting these people, and we finished with some nice tips on everything you’ve learned up to that point.
In Part Three, we went over what to say when talking to sellers, how to make offers without even seeing the houses, and how to get these properties under contract. Then we finished with to do after you get a property under contract.
We all caught up? Groovy! Then it’s time to continue…

What We’ll Cover in THIS (Part 4) of the Training

In this final part, you’re going to learn:
Automation – How to make this whole process faster and easier, using some cool tools.
Outsourcing – How to get OTHER people to do all this crap FOR you.
Naturally, we’ll review everything before we wrap up so that you have some great takeaways to use forever more.

So now that we know the plan, let’s go! And we’ll start with…

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