Driving For Dollars 4

Driving For Dollars, part 4: Automation & Outsourcing. Plus the thrilling conclusion!

Driving For Dollars 3

Driving For Dollars, part 3: What to SAY to Sellers, HOW to make offers & get properties under contract..

Best Way To Use Your VA

The Best Way to Use Your VA
This Special Training is provided to help you understand the best way to get the most out of your Virtual Assistant so that your business flows smoothly as quickly as possible.

Here's What You'll Learn in this Brief Training:
What is a VA?
Why do we use a VA?
What can a VA do? What does a VA do?
Where can you get a VA?
When to have your VA source leads for you.
When to NOT have your VA source leads for you.
How to get the best VALUE from your VA? (important)
->How does your VA get the leads to you? (Vital)
Do I use the phrase "VA" enough in this list? (just kidding)
Plus, A Bonus Quick Crash Course on Making Seller Calls!
And more!

    So if you're ready to learn the secrets of how to best use your VA so those crucial parts of your business can run well without you having to do it all, then shut off Facebook & put your phone down (unless you're reading this on it), and let's get your learn on! Here we go...

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What’s In YOUR Toolbox?

The Master Craftsman casually walked up to the jobsite to assess the situation. With his masterful eye and years of experience, he knew within moments exactly what needed to be done. He saw where the problems were, and what caused them to happen in the first place. Because of the question-laden conversation he already had with the homeowner, he also knew exactly what they both wanted and needed in order to fully fix everything...

This brief but amusing story illustrates some vital concepts we’re going to be discussing in this article, as you’ll see soon enough. But first, let me start out by asking you the title question…What’s In YOUR Toolbox?

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How To Get a FREE Phone Number!

Today, I’m going to combine marketing & technology to share an extremely powerful tool that you can use for a TON of different uses in your home or office - all for absolutely FREE!
For some time now, I've had many students ask me about different options for having an inexpensive phone line or number to use when starting out their business. And I've had the perfect answer, but it was just too much to explain all the details. Until now. That all changes today, with this very article you're reading here.
This article is CHOCK FULL of great info that will save you a LOT of time, money, and confusion. I've been dying to share the knowledge in here with you. So let's go...

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