Hello & Happy Day to you! WOW, do I have some really awesome & powerful motivation for you today!!

I’ve actually been wanting to share the special scene I have for you below for a long time.

There’s a powerful question we’ve all heard: “If someone held a GUN to your head and demanded that you answer a specific question, how would you react?”
Well, in today’s Magnificent Motivational Monday, you’re about to find out how a man named Raymond K. Hessel reacted to this exact situation when Brad Pitt’s character held a gun to his head and demanded he answered a very powerful question about his life.
This of course is from a great scene from one of my favorites movies, “Fight Club.”

So watch this scene (Warning: It may be a bit violent for some people. Not you, I’m sure).
You should know that I’ll be asking you a couple questions after you’re done.
So PAY ATTENTION!!    Watch now…

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